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5:39:00 AM

5.30am. Insomnia-ing..so im here t0 blog. FML
27th nov i went KL with my dear and his lil bro.
we went there for Tofu Oyako Mini Products Launching

#1 we went there by ktm.
and my dear's bro fetch us to times square.

#2 taadaa!!

#3 DVRB a.k.a DevilRobots

#4 Shin,Live drawing. AWESOME!

#5 Giant Inflatable Tofu. C.U.T.E <3

First 100 fans who turn up that day get a special TOFU PAD.
and u can choose and chop your favourite Tofu expression on it.
im among one of the 100 so i got one! *teehee*

beside that, next 100 fans who purchase any product on that day,
had a chance to win freebie in lucky dip.
we bought alot and so we got alot freebie.
Tofu Cushion,Cutie Air Fresheners,3D foam stickers bla bla bla..

#6 all the things with my dear now ><
i think we get a  tote bag too .
 is with my dear too. lol

after that,my dear and his lil bro waited for the autography signing.
and i went shopping. haha
SHOPAHOLIC *evil laugh*

you may view HERE to check out some of the devilrobots's item
and purchase it via Bigbros online stores.

Oh ya. that day we went for THE ICE AGE EXPERIENCE too.
quite cool!
#7 my dear's lil bro with...i forget what its name ad ><

and...i wonder if there is any YETI in this world?
how does they look like?.....

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  1. i love tofu oyako, they look cute>.<

  2. tel me early mah! date u g0 tgt hahahha xD

  3. Wow,nice post my dear,but where is pic during the event on that day,LOL,btw thx for accompanying me that day yea,we really have alot of fun together!!! Muacks!!!

  4. wat pic u mean?lol
    welc0me la.bring me g0 too nx time! hahah

  5. the pic where of me and DVRB..lol..nxt time,gt anything we will go again my dear!!!!!!! ^^

  6. u noe why? c0z tis is my blog and nt urs hahahah xD
    no.u will going kl without me soon!