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I have to confess and to be really honest today. 
Please don't freak out after reading about my confession. 
I .......
I've lost my chin for some time.

Nah, JK!
It's not like my chin was being eaten by some monster or what HAHA
but they just gone missing :( 

I don't know why. Everytime I gained weight, the fats all went to my face and chin! 
But whenever I lose weight, the fats on my face and chin just won't go fml!
Chubby apple cheeks are cute but double chin is not!! T_________T

Aging and taking in less water & vegetables is another reason that causes me to have double chin.
Girls, take more water and vegetables before it's too late lol.
I hate my chin! That double chin.
It gives the illusion of me looking like a super fat lady just by looking at my face or photos.

You must be wondering why you can't see my double chin in my photos.
Yea, because I photoshopped them. EVERYONE OF THEM.
Collage photos above are the photos without edit. I bet you can spot my double chin easily...

I can photoshop my photos but I got no way to hide them in real life :(
TBH, it actually causes me to have low self-esteem.
I always try not to lower down my head because it makes my double chin even obvious.

I have been thinking over and over again. Finally I've made up my mind and visited Dr. Cheok from Renée Clinic! I wanna get rid of my stubborn double chin and I named it as 'Find My Chin Back Project'! HAHAHAHA I think it's really funny as if like you're doing something EPIC lolololll!

I love the interior design of the clinic because it gives me a very relaxing and comfortable kinda feeling! This is the waiting area and I love this sofa! They are very sweet to prepare some snack and drinks for their customer! And also Wifi provided yo! HAHA :P

Anyway, after consulted with Dr. Cheok, he advised me to go for the fat melting injection which also known as MesoLipo Injection!

This is me with the numbing cream on :P
The lower part of my face was quite thick with fats too fml so I've decided to say good bye to them too! 

Somebody is really excited. My name is somebody. HAHAHA!

That's Dr. Cheok doing the injection on my fat chin.

Are you ready for the After and Before?!!!...

Tadaa!! I bet you can see the differences!!!! Both side of my lower face are more V now!! TEARS IN JOY OMG!!

Result are pretty impressive right? Hehe! 
But actually I think the differences that you can see from the photos are quite limit but I swear to god, I can feel my chin are much more firmer now! Previously when I lowered down my head, I used to feel my double chin was on my neck but now OMG, there's a gap between my chin and my neck HAHA. Even when I lowered down my head, double chin are barely noticeable now! Yoohooo! Dr. Cheok is the best!! :P

To let you guys understand more about MesoLipo Injection. I prepared a few Q&A for you guys! 
Let's get started!

- It's non surgical.
- It's more affordable than other surgical!
- It targets subcutaneous fats!
- Melts away fats and unwanted areas (eg. face, waist, hand, thigh)
- Very fine needles! (short recovery period)

Q. Are the treatment painful?
Hmm. It's still an injection anway, so it hurts a little bit for sure but it is bearable!
I will rate it only 3/10 for the pain level.
Besides, they will place numbing cream and ice on the area that is going to be injected. It does helps minimizing the pain. 
No pain no gain! You will surely think everything is worth it when you see the after result!

Nurse was there to calm me down by talking to me and patting my shoulder to distract my attention. She even gave me this to hold in my hand, just incase I was too afraid of pain. How sweet right!

You can always ask the doctor to give you a rest if you feel like you can't take the pain anymore. Dr. Cheok is really caring to keep asking and checking on my pain level. :D

Q. Are there any side effects?
A common side effect is bruising.
As I mentioned earlier, the needles are really fine so the recovery period is pretty short too! 

I took this right after my first injection. Only a few spots are noticeable! I had some bruises and small rashes because my skin was quite sensitive but it really depends on your skin. However, bruises and rashes will disappear at a week time. You can always cover them with concealer! Besides rashes, I didn't feel any discomfort or anything!

Q. Can I get an instant result right after injection?
No. It needs around 3 to 4 weeks to break down the fats. That's the reason why I only blogged about it now eventhough I did my first injection on April. I wanted to show you guys the best final result!

Q. How should I take care of it after injection?
Patients are advised not to wear makeup for at least 4 hours after the treatment and also not to take hot showers (sauna too) for at least 6 to 8 hours.

You should also gently massage the injected area to make sure that they spread evenly and it helps on lightening the bruises too!

Q. Will the results last?
Yes, especially when combined with exercise and proper nutrition. Unless you gain weight again. Warning myself not to let this happen again HAHA!

Q. How many treatments needed in total?
Approximately 3 to 4 times for a better result, depending on the amount of fat! Monthly injection are recommended as you need 3-4 weeks to see the result.
FYI, I only did 2 treatment because I think that they already look good enough for now.
Btw, the results will vary depending on your body type and the condition being treated.

Q. How much does it costs?
RM700 for each treatment. You can PM Renée Clinic for more info! ;)

I took this last Saturday. My face was slightly bloated because I just woke up not long ago but my face is still slimmer than last time. Hurray!!! 

I'm really happy with the result!! More photo of my side profile from now! #proud #fliphair

I'm here to announce that "Find My Chin Back Project @ Renée Clinic" is a success! 
I've found my chin after so long HAHAHA wtf

Thank you Dr. Cheok for taking care of my face and giving me my chin back! :P He is really helpful and friendly.
Also thank you for all the sweet nurses with great services and big wide smile all the time!

If you have any inquiry, kindly PM or make a appointment with Renée Clinic so the doctor can give you his best advice and recommend you the best treatment! Go be beautiful loves hehe! ❤

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