A Day In The Hospital.

11:30:00 PM

Hey guys, I'm back! Went to Taiwan for a holiday trip with bf last 2 weeks and came back last Friday. I'm typing this in hospital now because I just got my operation done this afternoon. There's a small lump (or whatever you call it as) on my leg and it was just like a mosquito bite at first but slowly it turned into a black and swollen lump/spot that hurts me. It bothers me for quite some time already, like more than 2 years?

I consulted different doctors during these years. Some of them wanted me to cut it off with operation while the others do not recommend me to do so and told me it was harmful. My parents was so worried and urged me to carry out an operation once I came back from Taiwan as they worried it might turn into something bad in the future.

So I consulted another doctor yesterday which is the one who did the surgery for me just now. He told me that I have to do an operation and cut it off in order for it to recover fully or else the lump will be there forever. Yea, and that's how I ended up hospitalised lolll.

I was super nervous and worried because I've never done any surgery before and I can feel my lump is quite deep HAHA. Doctor decided to give me a general anesthetic drug so that I will be sleeping throughout the whole process which is a good thing for me! Anyway, the whole operation was pretty successful heheh.

The nurse can't find my vein when she was trying to inject the anesthetic so doctor have to inject again and it was damn painful fml! My hand is actually swollen now.

When they inject the anesthetic into my body I can barely smell it and then .... I don't know what happen already until the nurse wake me up HAHAHA. I can't talk when I first wake up and can't really open my eyes wtf. Only feeling better after taking a rest for half an hour in the surgery theater.

Not sure how my leg looks like now but I can slowly feel the pain already :(  Hope that the scar won't be too big!

I think I'm quite strong that I didn't feel like vomiting or fever after the surgery. Everything is good so far! I'm also able to eat my lunch right after the surgery heheh.

This was my lunch, fish porridge. It tasted quite bland but I finished it since I was fasting since 12am last night and was too hungry lolololll

Had some Milo and biscuit as tea time :P

This is what I eat for my dinner. Not too bad huh?

Got some juicy fruits some more!

'Bringing' you guys for a room tour in the hospital using photos :P

Add me on Snapchat if you want to :P  Username: superbaoer

My room is quite spacious and comfortable! I even bring my laptop here since there's free Wifi here HAHA.

I'm really thankful that the nurses and doctor here is very friendly and helpful! It make me feel less worry and comfortable. I said Thank you to them for like a thousand times the whole day because they totally deserve it! They are the angel that take care of their patient with love.

Anyway, I'm gonna spend my winter solstice here in the hospital today sigh. But I think I will be discharged tomorrow and I can't wait to go home!

I still feel abit bit dizzy and I think that's all for today. See you soon.


Update : 23 Dec 2015

Incase you are wondering, this is how my wound looks like now and I can slowly feel the pain fml. I have to go back to the doctor next week to remove the stitches omg. I can't imagine the pain T_________T

Sorry if it disgust you HAHAHA :P


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