Welcome, SONY RX100 IV!

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Hello there! I'm going to blog about something new and excited (probably only me) today! I just got a new camera 2 months ago! (Thank you bf for sponsoring :P) 

The main reason of me getting a new camera is that my previous camera couldn't flip the screen to a 180 degree which means it's pretty hard for me to selfie! 

I'm gonna to let you guys know what camera I'm own and for what purpose I use it for, just incase you have the same question with my mum which is 'How many faces do you have ah? Why do you need so many camera?' HAHAHA. Also some of you have been asking what camera I'm using currently. Imma answering them all in this post today! :D

(Starting from the left)
Casio TR35 - For selfie! I mean for perfect, flawless selfie! 
Sony Nex 6 - For photoshoot (ootd), product shooting, travelling
The New Member, Sony RX100 IV - For daily use, selfie, travelling, outing, blogging & Vlogging (sounds fun, Maybe? HAHA) 

I have to declare that I still love my Sony Nex-6 HAHA! It always capture quality photo but the size is quite big for me to keep in my bag (girls bag can be really small) and the screen can't be flip to the front for selfie! While TR35 capture perfect selfie but yeah, only selfie! Other than that are just ... *cough

Hence, I need a camera that is in pocket size, light, snaps quality images and most importantly, screen can be flip to a 180 degree which is SONY RX100 IV or you can also called it as RX100 M4!

Welcome to the club, the sexy one! You are tiny and cute omg! It's about a palm size only!

Been thinking to get a new camera since ages ago but I don't know which camera I should go for until the day I saw RX100 IV. I've been aiming for this camera since it was launched in UK & other countries because the RX 100 series received tons of good compliment! I wanted to ask my friend to help me to get it from those countries at first but you know, the currency is so damn low so I was forced to give up with this plan and wait for it to be launched in Malaysia :( 

Waiting period is a pain in the ass. While waiting for it to be launched in Malaysia, I've been researching other cameras but still, only RX100 IV wins my heart so we just placed the order without any hesitation on the first day it was in Malaysia! 

Sony RX100 IV is selling at RM3799 in Malaysia. Ahhh, I know the price is quite high! Some of you might think that it's overpriced for a compact camera or for the same price, I can invest on a semi camera (even a dslr) with a not-too-bad lens but for me, I do think it's worth every penny because it fulfilled all my 'requirement' in a very good way!

Sony RX100 IV introduces another brand-new Sony Exmor RS image sensor which replaces the earlier Exmor R chip in the RX100 III. It also has a few of improvements and new features, including the 4K video capture, 16fps continuous burst shooting and HFR slow-mo video mode at up to a staggering 1,000 frames per second.

FYI, here's the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 IV key specifications :

  • 20.1MP 1"-type stacked CMOS sensor
  • F1.8-2.8 24-70mm equivalent Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* lens;
  • Optical image stabilization;
  • 1/32000 sec max shutter speed (1/2000 using mechanical shutter)
  • 16 fps continuous shooting (with metering and focus fixed at the first shot)
  • Slow motion video recording up to 1000 fps (960fps in NTSC mode)
  • 4K (UHD) video recording with full sensor readout and bit rates up to 100Mbps;
  • Picture Profile modes including S-Log2 gamma setting
  • Dual recording captures 17MP stills while recording up to 1080/30p video
  • Tilting 3" LCD with 1.3m dots
  • Pop-up 2.36m dot OLED electronic viewfinder
  • Built-in ND filter (with Auto mode)
  • Wi-Fi with NFC

I love the built in flash light because it won't turn the photo into a yellowish one!

It also comes with a EVF and it is so sharp and convenient especially under the sun.

Golden Key Feature for me : The 180˚ tiltable LCD screen! Btw, I really love the outlook of RX100 IV. It looks clean and cool!

Compiled some sample photos that I took to show you guys! *wink
Foods! (No edit (only resized), No filter)

I was really amazed by the image quality of RX100 IV, especially those taken at night and under low light condition like the images above! Every photo that I took using the camera looks nicer than what I see in real life lolll (No edit (only resized), No filter)

Me! The backlight is so bright but my face is still super clear omg!  (No edit , No filter)

My fav girl with so many tummy that she draws on the iPhone HAHAHA.  (No edit, No filter)

Outdoor shooting  (No edit, No filter)

Product shooting  (No edit, No filter)

OOTD! (Edited plus filter)

Selfie! (Edited plus filter)

Nice or not! HAHAHA. Why I only blog this after 2 months is because I wanted try it out first so I can do a proper review here but I'm still not so familiar with the camera until today HAHA. I guess I only know about 10% of this camera? lolll! Didn't play with it very often, usually I will let bf to try out all the function and explain to me afterward. I'm still waiting for him HAHA. 

Sometimes, even the Auto Mode gives out a good outcome. I really can't wait to explore all the functions of it and take more good photos with it hehehe. 

The 4K video quality is stunning but unfortunately, I'm not gonna show it to you guys and you will need 4K monitor to really experience it. Hopefully I will upload one in the future, starting with a 1000fps video. :D

Overall, I'm very satisfied with Sony RX100 IV's performance! It's really compact but the outcome is so impressive! It does more than what a compact camera can do! Just that the battery life is kinda short I guess but I already have a spare one as backup hehe. Bf still loves Sony Nex-6 more which is good because we won't have to fight for the same camera anymore HAHAHA.

For more information : http://www.sony.com.my/


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