What I Love and Hate about iPhone 6s Plus!

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One of the hottest topic for this month is gonna be the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus launch in Malaysia! Bf just got his iPhone 6s Plus and I finally get to try and 'feel' it! It's an upgrade from his 5. So I decided to write and share about what I love and what I hate about the new iPhone 6s Plus! 

Just looking at the box, it makes me feel very excited already HAHA.

OH MY SEXAY! Introducing the marvellous iPhone 6s Plus!

What I Love About iPhone 6s Plus

Bf go for Space Grey and it's still as sexy as usual. But if it's for me, I will definitely go for the new color which is the ROSE GOLD!

Not to mention, the new iPhone 6s Plus comes with a camera upgrade of 12-megapixel and 4K videos compared to the previous iPhone 6 which only have 8-megapixel. It also comes with an improve tone mapping which brings out more crisp and vibrant photo.  I'm so in love with it's camera! Super huge difference with my iPhone 5, I want to cry so badly! 

These are some of the sample photos taken from the iPhone 6s Plus. I didn't even edit them. My iPhone 5 just can't capture the details of my nails but iPhone 6s Plus did it in a fabulous way!

Front camera is a beast too! Too clear that I have to edit my blemishes and dark eye circle. Besides, I didn't retouch anything else above. Look at the quality and the color itself. Front camera with retina flash light is love too, to capture under low light condition!

The Live Photos feature was totally impressive! What it does is that it capture photos, movement and sound just before and after a photo was taken. SOOO FUN! Bf's phone is now full of my live photo HAHAHA.

5.5" iPhone 6s Plus is slightly too big for my palm I think but the resolution just works perfectly with it. Everything seems super HD and makes my iPhone 5 looks even awful! HAHAHA :P But if you ask me as a girl, I will go for iPhone 6s cuz it's more easy to fit in my handbag wtf.

The new glass on iPhone 6s is made using a special dual ion‑exchange process, which makes it even stronger! Bf didn't even put on any screen protector lolll.

Slim af! Remember the cellular phone back in 10 years ago? I will never imagine that our phone can be that thin one day. Technology nowsaday is excellent! 

Besides that, I go like 'WOWWW!' when I first experience and feel the 3D Touch! Yes, you can even feel it! 3D touch just make everything effortless. It allows us to 'peek and pop' into the content without opening it! For example, with the 3D touch, it allows you to peek at your message content without even opening it and when you press it deeper, it will bring you right into the message you want. With that taptic feedback, it gives you a feeling that you are actually pressing on the screen. 

One good things about 3D Touch is that, you can easily use one hand to control a big phone!

What I hate about iPhone 6s Plus

After all the compliments, here comes the dark side. The only thing that I hate about iPhone 6s Plus is that ... it's not mine and I won't get both iPhone 6s or 6s plus :(   I really love everything about the new iPhone, especially their camera but the price isn't cheap and my iPhone 5 (not even 5s wtf) still working perfectly fml. I seriously got no reason (excuses) to get the new iPhone. I didn't want to sell my iPhone 5 off because I worry other people might retrieve all my data lolololll.  

And of course, another thing is that, the design is the same as iPhone 6 and 6 plus, what changes is everything inside and the OS itself. 

Conclusion is that there's no new phone for me! I HATE YOU iPhone!! Leave me alone and cry for a whole night. Kthxbye. 


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