Japanese Afternoon Tea @ Shinjuku Japanese Cuisine

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Hello loves! I'm so excited while blogging this post as I'm gonna share something new and good with all the girls in Ipoh or most of the girl or probably it's only me? :P

Shinjuku Japanese Cuisine is a newly opened restaurant that's located at Ground floor of Kinta Riverfront Hotel, a very good location!

What attracted me the most is their Afternoon Tea Set and it's the first Japanese Afternoon Tea in Ipoh! As an Afternoon Tea freak, I urged bf to bring me there once we get back to my beautiful hometown!

There are 2 partition in this restaurant. From what you can see above is mainly for customers who enjoy going for Japanese food or their Teppanyaki.

While this area are for customers who wanted to enjoy dessert or have their high tea. Both of the ambience are different but you can actually choose to be seated anywhere thou! :)

I went there for their afternoon tea so I choose to be seated at this area as I think it's more relaxing and good for the mood of afternoon tea!

Brought along my lil bro and since he eats alot, we ordered a Soft Shell Crab Maki for him and it tasted quite good! Ingredient are pretty fresh! :3

For their Afternoon Tea set, there are 2 choices to choose from which are Maiko Set (RM70) & Masumi Set (RM90) while both also comes with tea for 2 pax. Difference of Maiko and Masumi Set are the price (obviously lolll) and Masumi Set comes with more desserts and savoury. Anyway, we go for the better one which is Masumi Set!

Hello Pretty Afternoon Tea Set! ♡ Super photogenic!

Awww! They do look good right?! Their Afternoon Tea Set are for 2 pax so all of the savoury and desserts come in 2 portion! No need to fight for food, lolll.

Salmon is like a signature whenever we talked about Japanese Cuisine!

I personally love all of their savoury food especially scallop!! Yummm~

My fav among all desserts goes to the cake (if not mistaken it's an orange cake with the grape on top and it's so soft! Want a bigger portion! ) and also the red bean mochi! Too pretty until I'm not willing eat them. One bad thing about Japanese Afternoon Tea is that they don't have scones T___T  Me want scone! I know, scone is not Japanese :|

Overall, we were pleased with their Afternoon tea because in Ipoh, you really don't have much of a choice for Afternoon Tea *sosad. Prices for the Afternoon Tea was acceptable for me compared to what I had in KL. If you are looking for something filling, this set can't help much. However, the prices for their Japanese food are slightly higher compared to other Japanese restaurants in Ipoh. It's probably because of their location in hotel or our Ringgit currency? :'(

Anyway, I think it's a new & good place for girls to have their girls talk and tea time! I would love to go back with my gfs to have quality tea time with them! Unless I found a better one :P 

Please leave me a comment down below if anyone knows where else to enjoy awesome Afternoon Tea! Thank you! *kisses

Shinjuku Japanese Cuisine
Address: G Floor @ Kinta Riverfront Hotel & Suites
Jalan Lim Bo Seng, 30000 Ipoh, Perak.
Tel: +605-2458888 (Hunting line)
Business hours: 12pm - 10pm daily  (Afternoon tea : 3pm - 6pm)


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