Afternoon Tea @ The Drawing Room, The Majestic Hotel.

9:32:00 PM

Ahh! I used to love rainy days because the weather would be much more nicer and comfortable, but not anymore. It's too much. It's basically raining everyday! Many people can hardly go to work especially under raining situation and what is even worse is that, it causes flood. Really, the rain should stop! :|

Put that aside and I'm gonna blog about something sweet today heheh! 

Thanks bf for accompanying me to Majestic Hotel to try out their Afternoon tea a few months ago, where my bangs was still there. (Another delayed post.) As what I've told you guys before, bf loves high tea now lolololll.

I was quite upset because we can't have our tea at their Orchid Room! FYI, you can choose to have their afternoon tea at 4 locations which is The Tea Lounge, Atrium at Colonial Cafe, The Drawing Room or The Orchid Conservatory. Tea sets are the same, only the location and prices are different lolll. Bf called to Majestic Hotel in the morning but they was like super blur about the booking, so they promised that they will find someone and call us back! But no one call us back! We tried contacting them for a few more times but they wanted us to wait for them to call back. We didn't get any call back so we just went straight to the hotel and appear at 3pm sharp! (They serve afternoon tea starting from 3pm to 6pm)

And guess what, they told us that we have to make reservations! And for the Orchid Conservatory, we have to make reservation at least 3 months before that. I think that's exaggerate, just before 1 month time should be okay! So, it did pissed me off abit and I try to talk to their manager about our case. We did called them for reservations but no one assist us on this :( Anyway, the manager helped us and was nice enough to prepare a table for us! Not in Orchid Conservatory but inside The Drawing Room!

Surprisingly, the ambient of The Drawing Room was pretty good! And it's more private and classy compared to the Orchid Room! *trying to comfort myself lolll

I miss my bangs! And I will be back with bangs soon! :D

Say HI to the 3 tier Afternoon Tea Set! Up till now, this is the prettiest 3 tier stand that I had for Afternoon tea.  More to go please hehehe!

I don't know but I thought the proper placement for the foods should be like Scones on Top tier, Sandwiches on the middle while the Sweets should be at bottom tier? lollll

I wonder why bf always took nicer photo for foods instead of me!

Their scones tasted average even though it's not the best that I had before but still consider good yet not bad! LOL.. It will be better if they are more fluffy!

Among all, I love their hot savory pastries the most! HAHA.  Maybe I was too hungry or what lolll but you know, not much place serve hot pastries thou!

I really love where we were seated that day! It was just near to the window and the light was good enough for photography :P

The environment and the ambience is really perfect to enjoy tea time and not to mention their good services. They served me like a princess! I've been to some hotel to have their afternoon tea and the people there was like they don't really want to bother me or to even served me when I enter. I'm not sure is it because I look too young or I don't look rich wtf! But at least, Majestic Hotel didn't disappoint me! I would give them high a rate for their services! For the food, it wasn't the best for me but it was okay. Sweets was abit too sweet for us! Others were alright. Overall, I still think it's worth giving it a try! Remember to make reservations to avoid disappointment! *wink

Price per pax: 
The Tea Lounge (RM48++) 
Atrium at Colonial Cafe (RM48++) 
The Drawing Room (RM68++)  
The Orchid Conservatory (RM88++)

The Majestic Hotel
Address: 5 Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603 2785 8000
Afternoon Tea Session: 3pm - 6pm


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