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Fuuu~ Bloggie full of dust again. A lil bit busy during CNY and my internet quota had reached it's limit again so I can't blog :( Now everything is okay but I'm sick #fml Anyway, I feel better already today :) Gonna blog bout my simple yet a warm valentine's day for this post. 

Valentine's day fall on CNY but bf still come to Ipoh to celebrate the special day with me. It's like the first Valentine's day that we are able to celebrate together!

#OOVD :p

Bf reached at about 12pm but I'm still sleeping HAHAHA. I set my alarm at 10am but I really just can't wake up and I know bf will wait for me eventhough I'm late! HEHEHE

But I used my super power that day. Settle up everything within an hour! Including hair and make up!   LOL

At first Bf wanted to bring me for a romantic brunch at Indulgence, but Bf said he can't reserve any place because they didn't pick up his phone call! So we went to have Korean BBQ. I know Romantic Brunch sounds so wrong but bf need rush back to his house to have dinner with his relatives after celebrating Valentines Day with me. So we just make it noon. :D

The most exciting part! Bf got me valentines gift! 2 some more! HAHAHA

Can I unbox both of them? :p

I just can't wait and unbox it right infront of him even before the food is served :p

 He wanted me to open this one first!

And . . . . a camera bag =_____=  I also got a camera bag already what! So you can see how disappointed I am! HAHA

 Next one!

He captured every single emotion of mine while I unbox the gift. Some of them are so epic! But I don't wanna show you guys :p

 Any idea what it is?

 Hint Hint Hint!

When I'm in the middle of unboxing, he asked me to look at him and this is it   =____=

Everyone is looking at me actually HAHAHA.

This is it! A new cam!!! HAHAHA. I'm so happy till I clap my hand on the spot! HAHAHA

But i got abit worry that the box may be blank because he really like to prank me so much! He may hide the cam somewhere or get a me different gift by placing it inside the empty camera box.

                                                             The "truth" will be revealed

He din prank me this time! LOVE!!!!

 Happy Girl!!!!

 So happy so surprise and so shy at that moment :p

Few photos that were captured using my new cam :D Without edit or filter :D

Ignore my eye bag, really too lazy to edit and I think it looks not bad :p

When we ask for the bill, the boss of Daorae BBQ came and ask me whether I just bought a new camera. LOL. I told him it's a valentines gift that bf got for me. He look so surprise and amaze and wanted us to show him the camera :p

After that we went hunting for mama's valentines gift. Papa request us to help him because he is so shy in expressing his love and care to mama  

Got this necklace for mama! :D It's from SK Jewelry's True Love Collection! I personally love their Dancing Star Collection :p

Both taken with my new cam! So nice so nice!!! :D

So let me introduce my new baby camera to you guys :p

This is what you get from the box

Tadaa! Baby Sony Nex-6 ! Haven't give him any name yet! Any suggestion? :p

The fun part is that it comes with a EVF!!!!!

Out of my expectation. Black color cam look quite sexy too!

Screen flip-able but not 360 degree la :)

Will make a review on the new baby on a different post! Full of pictures already this post lol :p

So, I'm selling my 1 year old sexay baby GF3 in white. It comes with a 8gb memorycard, camera bag and twins lens. Email me if you're interested : ;)  Super good condition!

Thanks baby for giving me a lovely Valentine's day and also an awesome Valentine's gift! You're so awesome! Love ya!!!!!!! ♥  But you seems like not happy with me! Everytime take photo also don't smile at all one HAHAHA. Smile more lahhhh :x

I love valentines day! Valentines day of 2014 please come faster! HAHAHAHA =))

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