❤ R.I.P.。

1:00:00 AM

super l0ng time i din update ad.
c0z im seriously freaking busy!!!

hmm..tis p0st is f0r my l0vely babies..
20th august they leave me
the scene still s0 fresh in my mind...

m0rning i woke up,i went t0 shower
when came 0ut, i saw my little panda like so m00dy and s0 weak.
i ask my dear, y baby look so sad..
i hug her.she l0ok so weak!!
she was sick!!
we gave her eat her favourite cucumber.
but she even dun have any energy t0 bite it..

im s00ooo WORRY!
my little bubble keep use his head to push panda.
seem like he want her t0 eat t0 run
im s0 touch t0 see that..
s0 we went old town to find vet..
but WTF..
KAMPAR dun hav any any vet!!

we ask my lovely sock pei fetch us to ipoh..
but tat time ad 6pm.
all shop ad close.
cemei help us cal a vet and ask her for emergency..
we take panda to ipoh..
she is just lying in the box...

after we reach
doc help her inject alotttt..
and told us that she is so weak, she might die.
coz she is a little animal. she flu and Diarrhea..
is just like a children
children flu and Diarrhea might die.
but adult will be ok..
OMG.tis news is like..huuuuhhhh...

but after vet gave her injection
she l0ok better..
we leave her thr for the vet..
the vet said that she will cal us tmr and tel us how bout my baby..
we back kampar,when i open the door
bubble make noise, and he is like finding somethg..
he is finding PANDA..
when we close the door, he is so sad and lying inside his bowl...dunwan t0 eat..
and he was so quiet tat day..

the day.. early in the morning.
vet called us.
dear ans.. im so nervous..
they din talk so much. but i can see my dear's face is super sad.
and after the cal,dear told me panda leave us ad..
we 2 cry like SHIT!!
my dear like a baby,hug me and talk alott..
im so sad..

people said if animal with pair, 1 die another might be die oso..
they will be so sad..
we went to bubble there,wana tel him bout tis
but we saw he look like panda.
look so weak..
we cal the vet, vet ask us give him some water with sugar..
dear feed him..
and we keep things wana bring him to ipoh
but.. when the second time we feed him water
he sudenly like so suffer..
and then..dont move any more..
cry like SHIT again..
but we know.. leave him alone is also not a best way...
we pray for them T^T

that day i back ipoh,we went to vet there to take back PANDA
she is still so cute... =(
and we burried panda and bubble together behind my dady shop..

they is my 1st PET
and the lovely one..
they will always in my heart and my mind
i know it will be same t0 my dear =]

rest in peace my babies...R.I.P

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  1. my dear ~ be happy ya ~~~

    R.I.P for the cuties panda and bubble ><

  2. en.dear faster ask ur baby birth me a lil baby!!

  3. they are so cute..I'm sorry for your lost..

    I felt the same when my previous bunny passed away..

  4. nicolette,ya thy r super cute T^T
    but nw u hav a new bunny rite? is cute i saw tat =)
    my hs oso gt 1 bunny lol