♥ii cant believe that u r s0 SWEET.。♥

12:38:00 AM

ytd, 19.10 is my mum n dad's anniversary..
i cal my mum,she said: t0day anniversary ur dad still scold me c0z l0ry driver din come work.
actuali i oso lupa is their anniversary ad.haha.
f0r sure.my dad will NOT rmb too.it is nt important to him wat.

t0day evening, my mum n dad cum kampar fetch me back ip0h.
mami came up n help me take stuff.
she jz saw me thn said : ur dad buy me a necklace,damn nice wa.f0r anniversary de.
huh?diamond? he rmb it???
ya.diamond.he rmb it,act he oredi order it n ask my aunty to choose f0r my mum.
he dunwan tel mum,he wana gv her SUPRISE.
i terkejut whn i heard it.ahaha
b4 tis, my mum told her she wan a crystal bracelet onli.  
my dad buy her diam0nd =.=
hw sweet is it??!!!

run int0 car.my mum sh0w me her new necklace.LC la.

reli fucking nice.i can c the damond.haha
i ejek my dad, izit u owis scold my mum s0 u buy her a diamond?haha.
if is like tat,the diamond too small.u owiz bully my mum.
sum0re,u say the price jek, n0 resit.hw we n0e izit real.haha
my dad reply: is REAL! small?ok.gv me bck,nx year onli gv her a big 1.
my mum terus: DONT!

bt whn i heard mum said dady wana gv her suprise.
i feel geli.haha
y my dad bcum s0 sweet ad?it start frm laz 2 year 1 thg.
the 1st time my dady gv mum r0se!
♥valentine day.♥
he curi curi order.
whn the rose came.he shy,he hide.
he s0 sweet!haha.
bt he owiz bully my mum.my mum owiz complain. XD

sum0ne.learn frm my dad pls♥.

yes.MONDAY my pink baby will comee back to me.
faster m0nday nia.......

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