3CE Lily Maymac Matte Lip Color Review

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Oh god, I didn't know I will miss posting blogs before this. 

I actually took all these photos 3 weeks ago and edited them but my life just changed in a blink of an eye. Got a job offer and immediately started working 2 weeks ago and I just came back from Bangkok last few days. 😖

I used to work from home but now I have to go office which my body is still not used to normal working hour fml. My new job scope is totally different from what I used to do and also far away from what I studied so I'm still learning and the stress is real goshhh. 😭 Was really busy and tired everyday. After working, I don't feel like facing my laptop anymore. All I want is to sleep wtf. Like I don't really have extra time and extra energy to do what I like. Hope I'm able to cope with every difficulties and will be back on track soon! 🙏

Guess no one wants to read bout my ranting so let's back to today's topic which is my review on the super famous Matte Lip Color Collaboration of 3CE x  Lily Maymac! Everyone knows that I'm a lippie freak and I can never missed out any hot lippie like these! They were on my list to buy when I was in Korea. 

I tot it wouldn't be so hard to find it in Korea but they just prove me wrong! I went to 2 branches and all of them were sold out and it just make me feel more like "I MUST GET THEM!". Went to a different 3CE shop almost everyday and finally they restocked them! Hurrayyyy! 🎊

TBH, I was attracted by the packaging. It was fxking rose gold that steal my heart completely! 

I can't help but got myself all the shades from this collection before it was sold out again, like I can never let this happen again HAHA. Realize that I was actually quite 'superficial'. I couldn't refuse to get things that was labelled as "hottest" "famous" "sold out in xx times" "must have" 😂😂😂

So there was only 3 shade for 3CE Lily Maymac Matte Lip Color Collection which is the #908 Warm & Sweet , #118 Holy Rose and #119 Hold On. 

The prettiest lipstick ever!!!

Swatches and Comparison. Starting from the left #908 Warm & Sweet (Best Seller) , #118 Holy Rose, #119 Hold On.

I love all 3 of them but out of the three, my favourite one goes to #908 Warm & Sweet! It's a very pretty orang-ish nude color and perfect to wear for everyday make up. I can totally understand why it's their best seller of this collection! However, my least favourite would be the #118 Holy Rose as it was a reddish shade that doesn't really suit me well I guess? 

#908 Warm & Sweet

#118 Holy Rose

#119 Hold On

  • All of the 3 shades are so pretty! Just like it's name, beautiful matte lip color! 💋
  • Pigmented 💄
  • Moisturising 😘
  • Pretty rose gold packaging 😍
  • Price was reasonable 👏


  • Not long lasting 😭😭😭

In case my photo didn't tell it's true color, here's the photo that I grab from 3CE website 😘 Hope it helps!

Overall, I love all of them seriously. You might think that #908 Warm & Sweet and #119 Hold On look the same but believe me, it doesn't because my bf can actually tell which shade I was putting on without me telling him HAHAHA!

Btw, any Park Sora fans here? I LOVE HER SO MUCH! How can a human being be sooo pretty 😍 *I don't care if she's a plastic or not ok 💣

I've been saying for a damn long time that I wanted to do a lippie review and finally here's the one. Hope you guys like it & enjoy reading!!


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