Mango Tango!

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Time to continue with my very old bkk post HAHA! I don't know why but I always feel like the Mango that I ate in Bangkok is way more fresh and sweet than those I had in Malaysia. Not sure is it because of my travelling mood or not :| 

If you been to Bangkok before, you've certainly heard about the famous "Mango Tango". I didn't do any research when I first visit Bangkok so I totally missed out Mango Tango, what a shame HAHA. We managed to try it out on our second visit anyway! *proudface 

Went there on weekday but still, super crowded. Told ya, It's very famous and it's just like a must to all tourist there! For what I know, they had already move to a new location (the one in the photo is the old one) but the new shop is still nearby to the old one. Located along the road side and their shop is actually 2 big container! So no worries, their shop is super easy to spot!

From what you can see from the photo above, there were so many people waiting on that day, including us. So we have to sit outside and wait for our turn. We didn't wait for too long though, about 10 minutes and we got our table! :D

Saw this a few steps away from Mango Tango and I found they were very cute but I guess it's for praying?

Very adorable menu design!

We were in super dilemma on choosing those desserts. Too many choices!

I didn't realize that they actually sell dried food that's made of Mango until I randomly saw someone posted about it and also after I edited this photo :(  I will definitely try it next time because I heard that their dried mango is very good!

A mango a day keeps the doc away!

Hello my love! :*

Their signature Mango Tango (Mango Pudding + Mango Ice Cream + Fresh Mango) + Extra Sticky Rice! It costs us about 145THB but when I do some research just now, it is now 160THB! Didn't realise the price went up.

I'm not a pudding lover and this mango pudding didn't change my perception thou HAHA. It's too soft and creamy for me wtf.  I did try some of sticky rice but I think it was just average/not bad? However, I love their Mango Ice Cream! It was very appetizing! I think I can eat a whole box of their Mango Ice cream alone!

We also ordered another Mango Dessert which is Mango Aloha (65THB and now around 95THB) because two is always better than one wtf lolll.

Mango Aloha is actually Diced Mango in Milk Sago topped with Mango Sauce! The combination of the sago and mango makes it perfect for a hot day to quench your thirst. Absolutely perfect.

Fyi, they have two shops in Bangkok and one in Chiangmai. I'm so sweet to search for the map of their cafe for you guys! So for those who never went there before, keep calm and eat mango hehehe. No need thank me, thank the mango :P

Siam Squares Soi 3

Asiatique The Riverfront, Warehouse 1

Nimmanhaemin soi 13
081-5958494, 083-4811108


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