Sephora Outrageous Curl - Dramatic Volume And Curve Mascara

11:45:00 PM

Won Sephora Outrageous Curl - Dramatic Volume And Curve Mascara from Sephora on their Instagram contest when my mascara is running out! What's even best is that this mascara is not officially launch in Malaysia's stores yet! Bf called me Giveaway queen cuz I always have luck on winning giveway lollll. I love giveaway and contest!

Anyway, I decide to write a review of my first hand impression of this mascara and share it with you guys! Got it yesterday and try it out today! Fast huh? :P

My favourite thing about this mascara is the brush of the mascara! At first I was like why is this brush is so short and tiny?  But I felt in love with it once I start applying it on my lashes. This brush gives me a long and volume eyelashes, most importantly they spread very nicely, no cockroach legs lash / spider legs lash! Other than that, the brush is perfect for lower lashes too!

A look of "Before and After" applying the mascara! Look at the huge difference! They claimed that it's a mascara that provides extreme volume and curl, however I think it works good on providing long lashes too! I can only see the length of my lashes was longer after applying the mascara but after sometimes they did look volumed! Magic? lolll. Another plus point is that, they are so easy to remove! The only thing that I'm not satisfied is that they take a very long time to dry! Not sure it's because of the mascara is still new or what :| Other than that, every thing is awesome to me hehe!

I took a lot of shameless selfies because I have very pretty lashes today! So get ready to be spam by my photo HAHAHA!

Fyi, I injured my finger last 2 days and it was quite a serious one. I have to apply iodine everyday because it's still bleeding fml. But I found it was quite funny to have a yellow finger in a selfie HAHAHA!

Till then. Thanks for reading and looking at my selfies, if you did :p


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