The three hardest things to say...

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I came across a random article on a random day and it randomly talks about "The Three Hardest Things to Say." Yea, that random lolll.

"The three hardest things to say are I love you, I'm sorry, and Help me?"

I believe there are things that is really hard for someone to say and it's different to everyone. I have no problem to say "I love you" when it comes to relationship. Like me saying "I love you" to my bf everyday and so does he! But it's quite hard for me to say this to my parents lolll. Maybe it's just for my family? My parents don't used to say I love you with us too but it doesn't mean we don't love each other la. My parents are more on a traditional culture, especially my dad but now he is getting better :p So i guess it's too shy for him to say I Love You to us or even to my mum HAHA. (He did tell us he loves us when he was drunk wtf)  

My dad was super fierce and strict to us when we were young and now it's still the same HAHAHA. It's better now la anyway. Our relationship are getting close nowadays as I was always trying to express, to tell him and my mum that I love them by writing them letters or cards sometimes. I know they were super happy hehe. My dad used to say I'm very "manja" lol. Manja is a Malay word means, pampered or spoiled. :p

I always tell my sis and bro that I love them face to face with a very annoying voice and my sis did feel that I'm really annoying HAHAHA! But I enjoy seeing her annoyed face!! (Albee Tang, are you reading this? love you okay? love you love you love you :P)

I have no problem saying I love you to my bf but it doesn't apply to "I'm sorry"! HAHAHA! To be honest, I'm very stubborn and I have a big ego. (Bf stop nodding your head okay?loll) Whenever we had an argument I will never admit that I'm wrong or to be the who apologise first lolll. Sometimes bf will also try to fight with me but he will end up surrendering. HAHA. #girlspower

Bf, I'm sorry! Nahhh, just kidding HAHAHA!

Wait, you don't get me wrong. I'm not rude thou. I will still say sorry to others if I did anything wrong, no matter big or small. It's just that for Bf, it's a different story lolll. Oh and I hate people stepping on my leg while not bothering to say sorry! This sentence is too random right? HAHA!

Besides, I can't agree more about "Help me!" is one of the hardest thing to say! At least to me :(  I'm very sensitive and I care about how other think about me. It makes me feel that people will think I'm stupid or a lousy and I don't know what to do even a small thing when I ask for help. What do I do when I face difficulties? I will die die try to settle it myself... even if it makes me angry lolll. What if in the end I still can't solve it ? No choice, I have to ask somebody and that somebody will have to be my closest friend or family members  HAHAHA. But at least I tried! Another thing is that I'm very afraid people might think I'm very annoying :(  That's why if it's not a big deal I will try not to disturb anyone...

After all, I think some people should add "Thank you" in their "hardest things to say" list.  I don't know if they are lazy to say it out, not bothering to say it out or they didn't learn anything about this word while they are in school :| fhl.  I don't mind helping people and I don't ask for a return but at least, I think I deserve a "Thank you"? Especially to those who will only remember you when they need your help and if you help them, they take it as granted. No thank you, no nothing but when you ask them for help, they will tell you "I'm sorry." See, they can say "I'm sorry" but not "Thank you". #mindfuck.. Saying thank you to someone is like showing your appreciation to them, their help or even services which I think is a must-say-thing la.

My eyes will immediately become like this if I meet someone who will simply say Thank you! That really impress me. Seriously.

So, what are the hardest things for you to say...?


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