Tips to rock with a Crop Top!

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Crop top have been a trend for years and even now. FYI, a crop top / cropped top is a top with the lower part cut off, showing off some of the sexy waist / abdomen. I love crop top and I got tons of crop top! Crop top can be style in different way to suit different occasion or people and they look fashionable! Gonna share some tips on how to rock with a crop top with you guys hehe!

My favourite way to wear a crop top is to paired it with high waist bottom garment! High waist skirt, high waist dress, high waist shorts, or high waist jeans! Anything, as long as it's a high waist bottom! Pairing high waist bottom garment can actually cover your belly or only minimise exposure of your belly which is why I love it! Wearing a crop top without baring your midriff is also a trend of wearing a crop top!

Me wearing Tweety Bird Crop top with a high waist shorts! Pairing it with a high waist shorts or skirt can actually create long legs illusion!!

Crop top with high waist skirt.

Another way to pair with crop top is to wear it with a Dungaree or Dungaree skirt! It looks more feminine and get more skin coverage too!

If you think that wearing a crop top is too exposed for you, you can try to layer it with diff outer. You can always matching it with a cardigan, blazer or jacket! Remember to leave it unbutton! :D

Just get baggy if you want don't like wearing it with skirt or skinny! Pair it with your boyfriend jeans! Crop top show skins and fit while bf jeans are baggy! It gives out a balance between this two items and they look good together.

Besides, we can also paired it with a knee length pencil skirt for a sleek style! It's suitable for curvy girls too, to show off your great assets! I don't have good assets lolll but I always want to try out this fashion direction, but I can't find any nice heels to pair with it :( Must try it out one day!!

Finally, crop top can be matched and played around if you go towards layering direction. It gives a sense of stylish yet not that boring and casual. You can just throw it over a dress or a collared blouse! This chic's look suit on everyone!

Oh yea! Another important tips to wear a crop top is to wear it with confidence and you will really look pretty! ♡♡♡

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Go pretty and Happy Shopping lovely ladies!!

Off to shop now! XOXO.

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