I want a Ted too!

6:01:00 AM

Just watched Ted with my friends. Awww! This movie is so funny and Ted is just so cute!! So in love with him!! I think everyone once had wish that that their plush toys or dolls are alive and can talk to them, just like Ted! I got so many plush dolls when I was a kid, some of the dolls were as tall as my lil bro haha But I don't like barbie doll lolll  :))

 Mark Wahlberg as John Bennett and Ted as Ted himself :D

 He is so fluffy! Must be so nice to hug!!!! >:D<

Ted in suit! This is how he dress up when he went for a job interview. So adorable! I'm quite curious why he don't wear shoes but his foot never get dirty hahaha

 And Ted got hired as a cashier in a hypermarket lol! How good if I can meet him in a hypermarket!!

 U know what make Ted look so cute? Is his eyebrows! HAHA. Normally Teddy Bear don't have eyesbrows lololol

See! Ted using iPhone as well! I have no idea how he control the phone as he don't have fingers, hahahaha Siri maybe? lol :p

Look at where Ted place his hand? HAHAHAHA!!! He is so naughty, funny and he got a lot of girlfriends as well!!!!

Although this is a comedy movie but still, there's some touching part. I cried like shit at this part! I can't believe he died!!!! But this is not the end yet. You will have to discover the ending by yourself:p

 The ugliest Ted I had ever seen! HAHAHA =))

I found some funny Ted's meme to share it with you guys too :p

 Ted is so cute right???!!!

This one! This scene make everyone laugh like hell! HAHAHA!!!

Mila Kunis as Lori Collins

 She is so hot!!!

Her hair is really nice! Even Ted also feel like brushing the hair for her :p

So in love with her eyes! The makeup on her eyes is soooooo nice!! Big love for it! Wanna try it next time!  I wish my eyes can be as big as hers!!!! #daydreaming

After watching this movie, I feel like going back and hug my Ted so muchhhh!!

Hello! This is my teddy and his name is Chutney! I always call him as Ney Ney hahaha. Can I make a wish now and make him alive so he can be my Thunder Buddy when I wake up, HAHAHA :p

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