Ripley's Believe It or Not! Museum.。

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I wanna blog about the #Day3 of my Singapore Trip but all of the photos is in my bf's hardisk and he is not with me now! But I really wanted to blog so so much so I checked back my camera and randomly picked some of the photos that I didn't blog before. I found out some of the photos that I took at Genting before and that's what i'm going to blog in this post. :)

Don't ask me when was it, I really don't remember. I just knew it happen during my sembreak but I not sure when because almost every sembreak I went there with my bf and sister. LOL.

We played almost all of the game in the Theme Park so this time we just went there to chill. It's just a one day trip. We took a van to Genting early in the morning and we reached there around 10am.

My height.. 124cm+ *Big Grin


We went to Ripley's Believe It or Not! Museum to take a look because my bf never went there before.

Ripley's Believe It or Not! Museum

Bf and his new friend. LOL


HAHA. Me and my sister :p

Emo. His eyes bigger than mine! :(

The luckiest chair in the world.


We look alike? HAHA. Btw, anyone can do this??


The tallest guy in the world. We are so mini!

 Big foot!

 Our neck super long! haha

 Sister and bf's face look so funny. I can't stop laughing! HAHA :))

The museum have a lot of things to see. You need to spend at least half an hour to discover all the things inside. We spent more than one hour inside the museum. LOL. It's a not to be missed Weird-Wild-Wacky "interactive museum". Everything odd, weird & unbelievable!

First World Plaza, Genting Highlands Resort
Operation Hours : 10am to 10pm daily
Ticket price : Adult - RM22.00     Child (below 50" in height) - RM18.00

After that we went to a restaurant to have our lunch.

 The food look nice but actually it taste sucks! Yucks!!!

After some arcade games.....

Back home. Bye bye :p

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