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Random Pix

Alo. How was your Raya Holidays? Mine one was just so awesome! I went for a vacation with my boyfriend and his family. My lappy just come back to me and it cost me 300 bucks. :( Give me sometime to arrange those pix. Will update about it soon! :)

I hate reading! I hate book! But exam is coming soon. Next monday i will sit for my first paper and this subject is just fucking complicated. wtf.

So i have to force myself to read! I need a GPS to lead me to Study Mode. :))

Share a pix with you guys. Do you know what is this? A stinking macaron! HAHA. My boyfriend said it look like there's a lot of ebiko on the macaron. lollll.
Because this is just a short post, i will end it with a LAME joke. HAHA.

One day, a little boy came to a clinic. He saw a nurse inject on a patient's hand. He asked the nurse: "Why did you inject on the patient's hand?" The nurse told him that she inject on the patient just to get his blood for a blood test. 

Suddenly the little boy cried and ran away! The doctor asked the nurse, why did the he little boy shout so loud? Nurse said :" I don't know! I just told him i wanna help him to do a urine test."


..... HAHA. good night peeps. :p 

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