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I met with my girlfriends at Euro House yesterday night. There's nothing different, we just talk non-stop and when we meet,we can talk anything. HAHA.

My friend,Jess fetch me at 7.45pm and she went to bank-in. You know how long i wait for her to bank in? It's like a whole century! I've never seen a people bank in can AS FAST AS HER!  :-O

When we reached Euro House, Jess told me that the place was so cold but she didn't tell me when she was in my house and she just brought a scarf for herself. So I really don't know whats the point of telling me that the place was so cold. I can't change my cloth also and i was wearing a short pants. #-o

All my girls reached around 9 and we started to order *there was a super funny incident happened.LOL* I ordered  German Sausage and the taste is like shit! Really so bad! One was too salty but so thick, one was too disgusting and another one was like soo long but don't have any taste. HAHA. I know the description might be too disgusting, but that is truth!

 These are all my girls. 10 photo 9 failed! :(

 I have no idea why my eyes look so small!

2 girls i didn't see them after I graduate sec-school. Means 3 years! That's why u guys never see their face in my blog before. LOL. We gossip almost 2 hours and we end up watching people vomit.  WTF. While we were chit-chating, Nico and I suddenly smell something and I look around to find the source of the smell. The guy sat beside our table vomiting!! *Imagine that* And so we run double the fast! I feel super dizzy after watching the guy's show and i just want to run! That's why I almost dump my iPhone there:-S

We are actually staying at a different places. KL, Spore, Ipoh and Kampar! That's why we can't meet always. Only Jess will come back to Ipoh every sembreak and we will have a meeting for sure. LOL Others never date me! How sad?! :p HAHA.

 Nikimi, we are all waiting for you to come back arrr. When you want come back to us? >:D<

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