Dessert on the Desert.。

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Recently the weather is really damn H-O-T ,like me! HAHA. We are like living in desert right? Do u feel so dry? HAHA. Never mind,this post will moisture you, perhaps.

In this super dry and hot weather, eating dessert will be the Top1 in my list to make me feel better, especially cold dessert.  I will talk about dessert in this post to make u guys feel cold and make myself colder too, i'm having fever now!

#1 I went MY HONEYMOON for dessert last few weeks in Sunway Pyramid. Their slogan "Our Desserts, Your Honeymoon." sound so cool.

 #2 Durian Pancake. I remember this is a cold one!

 #3 DURIAN! I just gave a pass for it because i dislike its cream. But it is nicer than durian cake! CCM u might like it!

#4 I look super tired because of the stupid weather! Can you see my new nail art? Is mickey theme! :p

 #5 Mango Snow Ice. Nice and smooth.

 #6 You can choose the topping.I choose Banana , Chocolate , and Black Pearl which, the thing look like frog's egg, HAHA. It might look not nice, but it taste good! It is made from Selasih flower seeds which has detoxification properties. I don't like the chocolate!

#7 Taichi Soy Bean Curd. This one I choose HOT, because I wanna try the original taste of the bean curd.

#8 I prefer Ipoh 's one. Much more smooth and melt in your mouth  HAHA. . 

 #9 C-o-l-d!

 #10 It looks like I can't wait to eat already!

I wanna try their sweet ball next time! You can view HERE for more Info about My Honeymoon. Besides that, I do try another dessert in MOF in Sunway Pyramid too!

#11 I love this so so much! I forget the name of this dessert already. I just know this is a Red Bean Soup with Green Tea ice cream , some nuts and also dumpling! The ice cream is super lovely , the nuts is super fresh ,dumpling super Q and the red bean soup not too sweet. A Perfect Match! Highly Recommended!! :D

#12 Soft Shell Crab Roll. Yea, I know this is not a dessert , but i don't care! I wanna talk about it. :)) This is super TASTY than Sushi King one and it come in king size. HAHA. Too bad that i only tried this 2 dishes. because my stomach nearly wanna burst that time. I will go there and try new things again! For Sure!

And now the time for Crepe. I love Shimino Japanese Crepes!

 #13 Tadaa~ The specialty of this crepe is it's skin texture that's wraps the whole ingredients inside.

 #14 There is alot of flavour! You can customize your own crepe by adding fruits, ice cream, cream and even cake.

 #15 The first one I try is strawberry with cheese cake. Nice. But it is not crunchy one.

#16 King size too!

#17 He looks like Hamster in this picture. HAHA

#18 Second one- Banana with chocolate cake. YUMMY!

#19 The last one- Strawberry again with corn ice cream! thumbs up! I start missing it already! You can find it at Ikano Power Centre, Pavilion, and One Utama.

I'm a Ice-cream lover too! Recently I'm addicted to Trophy. HAHA.
#20 This is the ice-cream that i tried before. I just want to say : Don't buy it! NOT nice! but looks cute! >.<

#21 Macaroon. The taste is just normal,abit of sweetness and crunchy. Why many people love it??

Feel Cold after reading this post? I hope this post will make you guys feel better =))


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  1. Wow..that desserts look like frog's eggs..haha..ever thought of upgrading your blog to a .com site instead of still using blogspot?haha..U're blog has the makings of a pro blogger..

  2. really look like frog's eggs right?HAHA. I will explore bout it! :D
    pro blogger? wow.u make me super happy la friend :p

  3. i wan !!!i wan!!!cum !we go thr now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. u now only see this post!!! ==
    lets go! which one u wan?

  5. yesterday i go...din see dou de?
    can i say :ALL!!!!!!