The Green Hornet.。

8:47:00 PM

Happy CNY guysss. *not so late right? LOL*
i passed my cny with my bed and mahjong ><
boring cny.but i did won alot of money. teehee.
how about u guys? satisfied with your angpao? lol
hmm..before cny i went for a movie with my dear and sis.

The Green Bee. Oops. i mean The Green Hornet in 3D. *laugh*
actors includes Seth Rogen *he is the writer too eh* , Jay Chou , Cameron Diaz and bla bla bla.
i highlighted Jay Chou. because he love me. i mean i love him. ahahahaha.
he act as Kato in this movie. super cool!
when he was nervous, he will speak with mandarin. how cute! <3

this is the car inside the movie. so handsome LOL.
it belongs to Jay ad if im not mistaken.
i wanna tell daddy i want this too.LOL

ahhem,i love this movie much. *thumbs up*
the story line quite good and its funny.
im super excited when Kato fight with others.
i worried he get hurt. HAHAHA!
he is safe finally because i pray hard for him. HAHA.
and then hor,i dunno why he fail to get Lenore Case's <3 * sad *
but luckily Britt Reid cant get also. =P

this movie make me cant wait for march!
u know why?
because...He is coming! *shout like a crazy*

Yes! his concert! in malaysia! march 2011! NEXT MONTH!
guys,bought ticket already? i do!
i heard that the tickets was SOLD OUT in 2days!! pretty cool!
super lucky that im one of them! wuhoo~
i really cant wait to see him!
cant wait to see whose the special appearance in this concert !
im sure after the concert i will have sore throat.
because im going to shout until my throat boom that day!
i mean shout until he look at me! AaaWwwwww~
not kiding.haha. 
im really crazy in love with him many years ad.  *david chew dont jealous ha*
i cant believe that im going to see him. FINALLY!!!. 
thanks to my dear for bringing me there! <3 to the MAX!

so,anyone love him? anyone going to his concert?
lets meet there and have fun. YEAH! xD


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