Mivva February Box.

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Received another Mivva Box for the month of February right before CNY! I know I should blog bout it earlier but.... SORRY! :(

After the first box, I'm so excited to see what is inside the next one! And thanks to my bf for subscribing a 3 month Mivva Box for me! :D

So, here's the second box that I get.

Yayyy! Mivva February Valentines Box!

The products and the voucher of the month! *a lipstick is also included, pictures below There's also a hair clip included inside the box but I took it out and forgot to snap a picture of it. :(  *It's on my hair now lollll

Mivva give us two angpao in this box.

This is what is inside the angpao! Snap a picture with a bff holding this Mivva angpao and then we can get extra 200 Mivva points! FYI, you only need 1000 Mivva Points to redeem 1 box! So good right?? February is CNY month but also the month of love! They even prepare for us some marshmallow in this love month, so sweet huh?

Ahem.. This is the message card of the month. Got the right card this month LOL. Mr David, I be yours forever and you subscribe me Mivva Box forever, deal? :p HAHAHA

Alright, product details time :D

Beautymate Purifying And Brightening Nano Toner - RM49.90 for 120ml.
You know what? Mivva is like they can understand me so well that they know what I need!!! I was planning to get a toner before this but I had no idea on which brand to go for and now they send me a toner that I never tried before. It's like a great surprise, 2 in 1, get to try a new brand of toner and avoiding myself from buying a toner.  How good!!!! Btw, I'm using it now! Not bad! It is not alcoholic and the toner absorb into our skin quite fast! Major love product in this box!  ♥♥♥

Murad Vitalic Pomegranate Exfoliating Mask - RM16.50 for 7.5ml.
Haven't try it out but I love mask lol!

Nature's Lab Refreshing Body Whip - RM69 for 250ml / RM103 for 450ml.

I wanted to try Skin Lab's product long time ago! So happy to receive it!
This is so so good! Smell sweet, smooth and not sticky at all! Definitely will get one soon! :D

Skin79 White Reviving Miniature - Solution RM90 for 30ml / Softener Rm67 for 150ml / Emulsion Rm72 for 150ml.

Paul Penders Natural Cream Lipstick - RM79 for 3.5g.

Another lovely product! I was so excited when I see this! I don't know why recently I'm so in love with lipstick and then I got this in the box. Paul Penders lipstick, one of my favourite brand. See, I told you! Mivva can read my mind HAHAHA!

The colour is super duper natural and the lipstick moisturise our lips as well! *thumbs up I give it to Bf's mama as she requested me to get her a new lipstick before and she wanted something natural! I was wondering on which brand and what colour to get for her. Once I see this lipstick I know it will look good on his mama so I decided to give it to his mama and the result, yeah, his mama love it!!!!! :D Of course me myself also feel in love with it too! So I'm planning to get back the exact same one for myself hohoho!

Okay, that's all! It's really so excited and it is so fun to get Mivva box with different product every month! And all the products that comes with it is awesome! Looking forward to the next box :p

You guys can join and subscribe it HERE : http://www.mivva.com/join/fc5c21cad0be

Incase you miss my face! HAHAHAHAHAHA :))

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