7:10:00 PM

A random day to Sunway because of ....

This!! Spot my name? Awww! I won RM100 voucher from topshop and I went to redeem it on the TopShop Student Lock-in day. *luckygirl All we need to do is flash our student ID and enjoy 20% off storewide on regular priced items and additional 20% on discounted items.

B's Coordinate of the day. ♥♥♥ Love my new bag!!! :D

 Selca :)

The event start from 3pm and we reached around 2.45pm. The queue is already so so long =_________=

 Super duper pack inside!! I can't even shop! End up only buying 2 lipsticks hmmpp.

Another outfit photo LOL. I wore sport shoes instead of heels because I can imagine it will be like a war inside TopShop, I can't grab anything if I were to wear a pair of heels. HAHAHA.

Nothing much in Sunway and we went One Utame for Plan B after that.

Oppa! ♥ Some of my friend said at some angle he look like Gary in RunningMan. LOL. The calm expression look.

As usual, The Eggs Benedict.

Turkey Ham Omelet. I don't like it because it's filled with cheeseeeee!!!

Lemon Lychee Blended. Awww this is so good!!!!

I'm sick that day and puke rainbows all the time lol. So I just gave 2 bites of the food and everything left is for bf. He almost wanted to kill me haha.

After eating, my stomach went thunderstorm and I started to have those puke puke feeling, so I ask bf to bring me for some strawberry LOL.

And he bring me to Tutti Frutti. Portion of Strawberries bigger than the ice cream loll

Lastly, another picture before I puke HAHAHA. Bf called this effect as the 'Running Man effect' as it kinda look like the effect from the camera that was used to film RM. The best camera and the one that all of the RM members like, if you are RM fans you should know about this HAHAHA.

Okay, thats it. It's really so random. :p 

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