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I'm eating seaweed now and it's taste reminded me of one food that I ate before. #missitsomuch I found the pictures and decided to blog about this fantastic food!

It's another old-story again lol. The food that i'm going to blog is from DucKing. I remember I went there with bf and his family.

This is a fish which name Garoupa, I have no idea what fish is that but in chinese it named as 神龙摆尾, sound so pro. haha 


This one, Chicken. It's chinese name also f.funny, 辣椒里找鸡 HAHAHA :p

 And of cause the yummy duck!!!

 Finally! My love! Yin Yang Kailan! 

Yin Yang Kailan means the vege separate into Yin & Yang. *wtf am i talking about zzz. Hmm.. which mean they deep fried the leaves and pan-fried for the roots. I love the leaves parts! It's just like seaweed, super crunchy! I always crave for it! Even in kampar I also will asked my bf bring me go and eat it at restaurant sometimes! But I only love the 'Yin', which means the leaves part, bf always help me to finish the 'Yang'! #bestbfoftheyear  Must try if you never try before!!

8-G, Block M, Jaya One,
No 27, Jalan Universiti,
46200 PJ.
Contact: 03 7957 9819

Random Pic of the day :p

 It will look more 3D if I squat down but my dress is too short :|

This jacket look super funny but actually it's super comfortable!!!

Okay, byebye Good Night :D 

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