Absolute Thai.

11:45:00 PM

Off day today. Sleep until I'm satisfied :p  Previously, I usually sleep at least 12 hours a day and almost everyday also take a nap at noon but now I can't do so. #damn! Miss home so so much!  

Wake up around 3pm today lol lol lol. Bf said wana bring me to Starbucks because he is craving for caffeine and I'm craving for cake! I miss Indulgence's cake so freaking much!

Super satisfied with Starbucks's cake! I can't find any nice cake here! Any nice cake intro???? 

After that, we plan to go IPC/Ikano to have our dinner but on the way to Ikano, we saw a Steamboat restaurant and it looks not bad! Bf and I was a lil bit attracted by it but we din stop there immediately, we still drive to Ikano. That time was around 6.30,super jam! So it was quite dilemma when we were in the car! Thinking wanna go for steamboat or Ikano. Finally bf decided to go for steamboat so we u-turn and go back to the steamboat restaurant.

We went in and once I look at the menu, I don't feel like wanna eat it already because there's too less choice and the price is not worthy of the food at all. So I encourage bf to reject the waitress HAHA. Bf think twice and then he said sorry to the waitress, we 2 stand up and leave the restaurant! Feel damn embarrassed but we really don't want to eat at there. At last we still stick to our old plan, dinner at Ikano lol.  Jam again! DAMN!

Finally we are here! Absolute Thai. We passed by this restaurant last few days and was attracted by the pictures outside of the restaurant.

Local toufu. Sauce is nice but the toufu itself not really good. The toufu is not soft enough and smooth but still acceptable.

Kangkung with belacan. I know this dishes is quite normal but it really taste so good! Super impressive!!! Love this!

Green Curry Chicken. I don't like this because I don't like the taste of coconut milk! I just take a bite :p But bf said it taste very good!

Dessert. I don't remember the name already. It's Coconut milk + Chestnut + Jackfruit and also ice of cause haha. This one also very lovely! =P~

Overall the food not bad and the price also affordable. Gonna try their tomyam soup next time! :D

G20, Ground Floor,
Ikano Power Centre,
No. 2, Mutiara Damansara,
47800 Petaling Jaya.
Tel :+603 - 7729 8708    
Website: http://www.seacuisine.com.my
Operating Hours: Daily 12.00pm - 10.00pm

Can't wait for next week's off day! :(

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