Birthday Dinner at Way Modern Chinois @ Clearwater, Damansara Heights

7:36:00 PM

My last update, excluded the preloved post was actually on May wtf. During these few months, I've experienced so much ups & downs. How can things happen so sudden, sigh. But! Thanks god, everything is fine now!

I did try to craft a few post like my monthly favourites but due to some circumstances, I couldn't finish any of them and those products are not longer in my favourite list so I decided to delete them and try to write out post that will not be outdated. HAHAHA!

What about my birthday dinner at Way Modern Chinos?😛 My birthday was on weekday so I suggested bf to bring me somewhere near to our office and not too fancy (such a good gf huh?😂)

And here we were at Way Modern Chinois! I was impressed by their entrance because you will see an elevator door, instead of those common restaurant door and you have to press the elevator button to open it. FYI, Way Modern Chinois is serving great contemporary Chinese/Asian cuisine.

The dishes that made us came to this place was actually these beautiful yet yummy Rose Wanton!

This is the first time ever my bf gives me roses HAHAHA! They were dipped with some spicy sauce too. It was crunchy and appealing I would say!

Some cute dimsum for us too! Pac Man Dumplings that came with prawn filling and some side (Mashed avocado salad and a cracker). The taste was average and both of us actually love the side more thou.

One of their famous dish - "Skinless" Shanghai Soup Dumpling!

You have to eat it with one bite, only one bite! Because the moment you put it in your mouth, "pop" is all you can feel. The skin 'exploded' and you get to taste the minced meat and broth. The experience of eating this is interesting, it's like a new kind of XLB.

Typical Chinese bf wanted to order this Hong Kong Choi Sum. It tasted abit bitter to me but my weird bf loves it!

The highlight of our meal at Way Modern Chinois - Truffle Roast Duck!

Some sauces that came with the duck but I like to enjoy the duck without the sauce. Imma duck and truffle lover! The dish was double roasted and drizzled with truffle oil! Look at the truffle slices on top😍 The duck was juicy and the scent of the truffle was so strong that bring me rainbow OMG!🌈  Note that this dish needs to be pre-ordered 24 hours in advanced, so be sure to call and make your order earlier!

We also ordered a soup but I don't have the photo 👻 It's called 'Elixir of Youth' in the menu and I promise,  it was sooooo good!!!😋

Way Modern Chinois
Address: G-1, WORK@Clearwater
Jalan Changkat Semantan 50490
Damansara Heights KL
Tel: 03-2095 1118
Business hours: TUESDAY – SUNDAY
Lunch : 12.00 – 3.00pm Dinner : 6.00 – 10.30pm
*Closed between 3.00 – 6.00pm
*Closed on Monday & selected public holidays only.


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