Pre-loved Wave #6 !

11:39:00 PM

Let's straight to the point HAHAHA!
*Read before you make any purchase:
  • All prices stated do not include postage fee. West Malaysia - RM8 || East Malaysia - RM11
  • Buy 5 items and above, FREE POSTAGE! 
  • Don't expect them to be as new as those in store, even to those that I never wear before. Coz I might got them ages ago. :|
  • Color might have a lil bit different from photos.
  • You are able to make a reservation, however a reservation will be canceled if the payment is not made within 2 days
  • No refund or exchange after payment is made. 

[Wore Only Once - Tribal Jumpsuit from Zalora (Premium Quality) | Size XS | RM28]

[Preloved - Lady Shirt Dress | Free Size | RM25]

[Preloved - Pineapple Crop Top (Premium Quality) | Size S | RM28]

[Preloved - Cute But Crazy Crop Top (Premium Quality) | Size S | RM28]

[Preloved - Flower Cute Shorts | Size S | RM25]

[Preloved - Tiger Denim Shirt from H&M (Premium Quality) | Size S | RM28]

[Preloved - Paint Top from Monki | Size XXS | RM25]

[Brand New- Turtle Neck Black Striped Top | Best Fits S - M | RM10]

[Preloved - Basil Crop Top from Topshop (Premium Quality) | Size US4 | RM28]

[Preloved- Doll Top | Free Size | RM10]

[Preloved- Long Back Pastel Dress | Free Size | RM25]

[Preloved- Peachy Tennis Skirt | Best Fits S-M (Stretchable) | RM25]

[Preloved- Black Lace Skort | Best Fits S-M (Stretchable) | RM25]

[Preloved- Galaxy Shorts | Best Fits S-M (Stretchable) | RM28]

[Preloved- Mickey Top from Uniqlo | Size S | RM15]

[Preloved- Ducky Sweater | Best Fits S-M | RM25]

[Preloved- I Just Arrived in Paris Long Shirt | Free Size | RM25]

[Preloved- Uneven Shirt Dress | Free Size | RM25]

[Preloved- KH Pattern Sweater (Premium Quality) | Free Size | RM28]

[Preloved- Elegant Black Dress | Free Size | RM20]

[Wore Twice - Ripped Jeans | Size S | RM35]

[Wore Only Once- Chili Red Side Ribbon Top | Free Size | RM20]

[Wore Only Once- V Neck Suede Top | Best Fits S-M | RM25]

[Wore Only Once- Chocker Suede Top | Best Fits S-M | RM28]

[Preloved - Baby Blue Flowery Dress | Free Size | RM25]

[Preloved- Mermaid Tube Top | Free Size (Stretchable) | RM18]

[Wore Only Once- Cute Flower Jumpsuit from Zalora | Size XS | RM25]

[Preloved - V Neck Striped Crop Top from Monki (Premium Quality) | Size XXS | RM25]

[Preloved- Aztec Off Shoulder Top from H&M (Premium Quality) | Size S | RM28]

[Preloved - Jogger Pants from Monki | Size XS (Stretchable) | RM23]

[Wore Only Once- Super Cute Flurry Jeans | Size S | RM38]

[Preloved - Brown Crop Top from Forever21 (Premium Quality) | Size S | RM28]

[Preloved - Striped Shirt Crop Top from Monki (Premium Quality)  | Size XXS | RM20]

[Wore Only Once- Dotz Peplum Top | Size S | RM15]

[Preloved- Pony Hair Concertina Handbag from Zalora | RM30]

If any of you wanted to make a purchase or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. You can Email me at OR Wechat me, Wechat ID: superbaoerrr OR PM me thru Facebook ! See you there!


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