April Picks | 2016

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Wanted to update 2 days ago but Blogger's server seems to down at that time :(  Heard that Wordpress is good to use and I've been thinking should I move to Wordpress but I'm not sure if I can do it myself. Worry that I might make the blog disappear HAHAHA.

Anyway, it's time for Monthly Picks again! How about we start from cosmetic first? :)

Suppose to include this BB cushion in the previous Monthly Picks but I leave it at my hometown so yea... Anyway, it's the Radiant Cushion Compact Foundation Broad Spectrum (in 02 Luminous Beige) by Miss Hana. I bought it at Taiwan but you can always get them thru Beauty Online Stores in Malaysia. The biggest reason for me getting this BB Cushion is because of their spokesperson, Tia Lee is one of my girl crush so I have to give her some support wtf HAHA. 

Also, the price is quite cheap for a BB Cushion! Around RM65 I guess? The coverage of this BB Cushion wasn't really impressive but it does create a very-light-makeup-dewy-skin kinda look.

It's just that I don't know how and why everytime I used a BB Cushion, the puff confirm will start to tear off after 2-3 times. MEHHHH! And also I found that BB Cushion tend finish easily, like 10 times of usage and you can barely squeeze out any BB Cream already. Is it only me or what lolll

Was running out of Concealer and wanted to try out a different brand so I went to Sephora and decide to give Marc Jacobs a try!

I like the design and the texture of this concealer. It won't gives you cakey spots but still can't completely cover up my dark eyes circle :(   On the other hand, I found that it's slightly darker than my skin tone so I usually apply this concealer before applying foundation. Incase you wondering, mine was in Shade 3 Young.

Got this concealer brush! It's the concealer brush by Sephora. It was soft and cheap lolololll. 

Not suppose to get any lippie again but ... I wanted to add some darker tone lippie into my collection! I'm glad that I fight my inner Angel that ask me not to buy this product lolll  because this is really a good buy! 

It's a Lip and Cheek Dual Pencil by Nudestix which also comes with a Black Pencil Case with mirror and also Pencil Sharpener! Dual Pencil means paying at a price of one for two shade yo! 

I go for Whisper and Mystic! My fav colour would be Mystic but Whisper is quite pretty too!

Mystic on Left | Whisper on Right

This is me with Mystic! I really love this pencil a lot! In fact, it's my first lip pencil because the impression of using a lip pencil for me is, it would be very dry and hard to apply. But this pencil totally changed my mind. It's very pigmented, moisturise (no lip line!) , easy to apply and both of the shade were really pretty!

Got this Eco Eyebrow Pencil from Innisfree after watching Pony's makeup video and I have to say it's one of the best eyebrow pencil. Why? Because it's very affordable and yet, the quality of the pencil was really good. You can get this for like around RM16 on Hermo! The pencil is worth more than the price I would say!

Using a good and suitable makeup remover is one of the key point to achieve baby skin! It's not the first bottle of mine but third one! This is so far the best makeup remover I ever had! It's water based kinda remover which is super good because it won't be oily and easy to rinse off but very moisturising and gentle! 

My friend's skin was really sensitive with acnes. I intro this remover to her and she bought me a meal after 2 weeks because her skin was getting better and lesser acne after using this! 

Oh it's the Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Cleansing Water Makeup Remover by Haruhada! From Japan yo! You can find this at Sasa. Around RM40+ for a big bottle (500ml) like this! There's also a Pink version. I tried both before and it's almost the same! It's only depends on which one you prefer, Hyaluronic Acid or Collagen.

Guess you guys are quite familiar with this because it's super famous! White Washing Cream by Kose! They say you must get this facial cream when you're in Japan but I got it from Taiwan HAHA. Of course it will be much cheaper if you buy it in Japan! 

My thought after using it was WHY MALAYSIA DON'T HAVE THIS!! It's so good! It creates thick bubble foam with just a small amount and it's very gentle. Bf loves it too!

Done with cleansing and here we go, to skin care! Got skin allergy earlier after using some bad mask but it can never stop me from trying new masks lollll. Brave or not? :P Botanics is a new skin care line from Mentholatum. Only know about their lips balm before this lolololll. I think it's worth to try out as it's only RM6.90 each. The mask itself is very thin but very moisturizing which I like it! My favourite mask besides Innisfree's! Bought 5 of them from Guardian and only left 2 of them now. Opps, only one because another one is on my face now HAHAHA!

Hope you enjoy reading! 


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