Jam & Kaya Cafe | My Fav Pancake Place!

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When I'm still with my purple hair wtf

I have a thing for Pancake. Not sure is it because they are pretty or they are really tasty fml. Visited Jam & Kaya Cafe and their pancake officially become one of my top favourite!

Jam & Kaya Cafe is located in PJ Palms Sports Centre which is not easy to spot! We round and round and round outside of the Sports Centre and couldn't find the cafe at first. We even blame Waze for bringing us to the wrong place but bf was like never mind, I will go into the sports centre and check it out.

Once you enter to the Sports Centre, You will firstly see a swimming pool lolll and yea, Jam & Kaya is hidden inside the Sports Centre at the top right corner of the venue.

My brunch time is different with you guys. Mine usually is around 3-4pm HAHA. They closed at 6pm so by the time I reached there, the cafe was pretty empty which was perfect. No need wait too long for them to serve hehehe. I heard that they were always full thou!

Cozy corner!

Mine! Jam & Kaya's Pancake (Signature) ♡ The pancake is very soft and flurry. Comes with strawberry slices, blueberries, drizzled with maple syrup and topped with vanilla ice-cream! It won't be too sweet but everything just blends well. Don't say I don't share ah! 

Fresh Toast which is the weekend special. It's their homemade fresh bread coated with cornflakes, berries, caramelized banana, ice-cream with syrup by side. Not too bad but I still prefer their pancake lolll. *bias haha

And this sexay one! Farmer's Pancake Breakfast ordered by bf. 

This is love. I love the pancake, I love the hash brown, I love the sautéed mushroom... Okay, I just love the whole thing! The combination is just great. Ended up I ate half of it HAHAHA. If you don't like those pancake with fruits, go for this!

I seriously don't mind traveling all the way there just for their pancake lolololll. But they closed quite early thou :(  

Jam & Kaya Cafe
Address: PJ Palms Sports Centre (few lots before A&W)
No.1 Lorong Sultan
46200 Petaling Jaya
Business hours: Tue to Fri 10am to 7pm , Weekends 9am to 6pm. Closed on Monday
Tel: 016-6675078


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