Merchant's Lane @ Petaling Street

12:30:00 AM

Always love to discover new and Instagrammable cafe! This time we went to Merchant's Lane at Petaling Street. Went there on a Saturday and Holly, spent quite a long time to find a parking there. :( 

You have to grab the menu yourself and order your meal at the counter. I love how they frame the menu coz it will be forever new and clean HAHAHA. You know some restaurant use the same menu for like a thousand years and in the end, they will look like 'ham choi' in Cantonese wtf wtf. But as you can see on the photo, they don't really have much choice for food hmm...

Merchant's lane's interior looks old school and vintage which I like it very much! 

Every corner of it looks very hipster and Instagram worthy! 

Artistic or not? HAHAHA 

South China Sea (RM24) , One of the popular dish in Merchant's Lane. 

Poached eggs with grilled salmon fillets, topped with tangy housemade salsa & housemade hash. I love their salmon as it's very tender and I think they serve a very big portion of Salmon Fillets. I mean, most of the cafe will charge like 30+ bucks for this portion of Salmon Fillets but it tasted too light for me, somehow it feels like a healthy dish lolll. You know Malaysian loves food that has strong flavor.

Eat Die Me (RM26). What a cute name HAHA. It's actually their big breakfast and I guess it's like you get to eat a lot until you die? HAHAHA. Everything tasted quite good, especially their sauteed mushroom and housemade hash!

I ordered the Pomegranate Cooler as my drink. It tasted really weird on the first sip, like some cough medicine but I don't know how, it goes better and better after some time and I love it omg.

Food was pleasing, price was reasonable and (again) very Instagrammable loll;! Worth to pay a visit.

Merchant’s Lane 
Address: No, 150 Jalan Petaling, 59000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +60 3 2022 1736
Business Hours: Opens 10.30am-6pm daily, except for Wednesdays.


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