Dewy Skin Alert!!!

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My fav Kpop star /goddess is none other than Song Ji Hyo!

 Imma fans of Monday Couple! Any Monday Couple supporter here? *waves

Besides Ji Hyo, Nana from After School is one of the prettiest girl with naked face that I've ever seen! If you watched the reality show called "Roommate", you will definitely get what I mean!

Do you believe in love at first sight? I am! Because it happened to me when I first saw Pony on YouTube HAHA! Isn't she pretty? She is the personal make up artist for CL from 2NE1! 

All of them have one thing in common which is DEWY SKIN! If you don't have a perfect dewy skin you can still create a 'fake' dewy skin with make up effect! It makes you look like as if you didn't apply foundation or any bb cream but yet still have that glowing skin! This make up style is currently trending and also one of the hit among Korean.

Got myself a Perfect Skin One Shot Cover Stick Foundation with SPF50 PA+++ last month. 2 colours to choose from and I go for the "#21 Pink Beige". I still have a few foundation at my wardrobe but what attracted me the most to buy this foundation is that Song Ji Hyo is actually using it! So I was like "Aiya just buy one and try la, but it will be my last"! I heard that they have a newer version of this Foundation Stick and I wanted to try it so badly but I have too much foundation now. *CRY! But Aiya just buy one and try la.. This time, is for the sake of comparison .hahaha

Besides, you probably came across some video about this foundation stick on Facebook before cuz it's quite a famous item now! 

"Effortless. Weightless. True to Your Skin."

The foundation stick is double sided where one side of it is foundation itself and another side is actually a brush! Love the little bow on the cap, sooo cute I can die!

It's totally worth it to get 2 items in 1 product. What a good deal and most of all, the price is quite affordable! Got it for around MYR79. You can actually take out the brush and clean it!

Do not need to worry about the quality of the brush cuz it's quite soft and the angle of the brush does help to blend the foundation evenly! I seriously love this brush so much! You see, even if you have finished using the foundation, you can still keep the brush. Just remember to clean it oftenly. 

Another key point is that, the size of the item is quite small and it's 2 in 1. Save another space on our cosmetic bag for sure. 

So how do we actually apply the foundation? Firstly, apply the foundation on your face and then blend the foundation evenly with the brush (From inwards to outwards).

Not sure if you can see that I only apply the foundation on the other half of my face! The left side of my face is totally naked. I bet you can see the differences cuz the right side of my face is so much brighter! I was supposed to take a photo of my front face to show you the differences but I was so/ too amazed by the after result and I immediately apply them on the other side of my face right after this photo was taken (fail blogger).

Told ya, Ji Hyo is using them too!

I have the same and good skin like Ji Hyo now :P  This is how my skin looks like after applying a layer of foundation and still no concealer yet!

Since I don't have the before and after photo to show you guys, what I can do is to express my thought/experience after using it by describing it to you guys lolll.

  • It really creates magic on my skin! My skin became really fair and flawless after using it. It makes me look like as if my skin is healthy since the foundation spread evenly on my face and it's very light.
  • It's quite moisturising! I always tot foundation stick is not suitable for dry skin but this one just changed my mind. 
  • It lasted quite long on me which successfully surprise me.
  • Coverage was okay but I still need to apply concealer on my dark eyes circle and blemish.
  • Wont be oily eventhough I didn't apply any finishing powder.
  • A very good concept of having both brush and foundation in one product.
  • It's worth every penny!

PS:|| This is not a sponsored post. I bought this product with my own money but it was too good that I really wanted to share it with you guys!

I then try to create a Korean Makeup to suit the theme. Apparently it failed cuz it end up looking like my usual make up look fml. I did highlight my undereye to create puffy eyes (Aegyo sal) 卧蚕妆 but it's not that obvious in this photo :( 

Eventhough I didn't created a Korean look successfully but I still took alot of vain photos. Bear with me okay? HAHAHA

'Who is this?' 
' I don't know.'

Thanks for reading and see you soon :*


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