June Picks | 2015

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Urghh, Again, Neglected my blog for a week :'(  My blog was half dying, seriously. I always wanted to blog but my idea will just fly away when I was half typing them or I actually done blogging a few posts but I doubt if I should post them and ended up deleted most of them. Don't know why I have to be like so concern on what I'm gonna post on my blog and not posting whatever I want like the old time.

I should continue with my monthly picks for June before I go too far from today's topic :P

I'm a lipstick/ lipgloss addict or whatever that's related to beautify my lips I will also be interested! I got tons of lips cosmetic but I just can't stop buying new one, just like this one. I got this Water Gloss (Encore) from 3CE!

I was a bit disappointed when I first apply it to my lips cuz the color tends to be very light but my mind changed after a minute. The color actually blend very well into my lips and it's super natural! No sticky, super moisturise and very easy to apply. 

I'm using this water gloss almost everyday since the day I got it! The color will be more contrast if you apply more layers! Fyi, they are available in 10 colors and other colors are also super pretty OMG. Gonna get my hands on the rest soon! :P

One of my fav mask now, Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask from Innisfree. Was surprised to see the actual product cuz it was way too small than what I expected but holly, only a small amount of it can apply on my whole face so I think the size was reasonable loll.

It claimed that it can helps to clean blackhead and tighten the pores. I can't really tell if it can really clean the blackhead or not but I did feel like my skin are more bright, fresh and smooth after applying them! Read some reviews online, they said it can really helps on blackhead problem but you have to use it for a few times. I will usually put nose pack to clean my blackhead the day after I apply this mask, I feel it becomes more effective.

One thing that I envy about Korean is that most of them have super pretty V-shape face while mine is .... SO CHUBBY. FML. Anyway I was really tempted to try out this facial mask (2 Step Synergy Effect Mask from Regen Cosmetic) but it was too pricey for a facial mask and I still don't know how's the after effect going to be. I think God hear my prayer and they gave me promotion to get this mask at a very low price HAHAHA. For this series, there are different mask with different function such as Anti Wrinkle, Moisturise and Nutrition. However 5 of them also comes with V-shape effect. Anyway, I go for the Whitening one.

The retail price of the mask was about RM130 for 5pcs (yea, super expensive for a mask) but I got them on a promotion, it's only about RM63 for 5pcs. More than 50% yo! How can I not buy them right? Best timing to try out the mask lolll!

Anyway, the V-shape effect was visible! It really works but that effect will not last for a very long period of time, probably can last up to 2 days? I believe it will be more effective if one uses this mask oftenly! The feeling of putting this mask is like my face is wrapped with bandages after plastic surgery lolll super tight!

Oh, this is one of my best buy in June! I used to put all my cosmetic into a tote bag and carry them  everyday. Bf really hate me doing that, cuz it's messy and he always wanted me to get a cosmetic box, like those professional make up artist HAHA. But there's not much cosmetic box that looks really good and most of them cost a bomb.

Received an email from Victoria's Secret on a random day and knew that they are having big sales so I decided to go over and check it out. Saw this box and it was on sale, 50% off! Retail price was around 400 plus and I got it for like 200+ bucks! I kid you not! *fliphair

This pretty box also comes with a perfume and lotion! Didn't really care about how the perfume smell  but it was just not me to not buy it. Didn't think too much and just grabbed it back! There's even a mirror inside the box, omg but I still haven't shift all my cosmetic inside. #toolazy

June was also my lucky month! Won a Baymax Powerbank from a giveaway! It was toooooo cute! The only disadvantage of it is that it was really huge! But everyone praise that he is so cute so I'm still very happy to bring him along lolll.

Wow, spend quite a long time to blog about this post and dozed off for a few minutes. Too old to blog HAHAHA. See you guys in the next post! Good night loves :*


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