Oz The Great And Powerful.

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Watched "Oz The Great And Powerful" with bf and friends at the new cinema in Kampar. Finally a cinema in Kampar! Yesterday was my first time there btw LOL. Environment not bad but their portion of popcorn is seriously too small and it does not taste good!!!! :(

We didn't watch it in 3D but based on the graphic I know that it's worth to watch in 3D too! It pretty much have CGI focusing on 3D effect. I think this movie great and people around me also give alot of good comment. The story and those action is great!

The story is about Oz stuck into a tornado when he was in a hot air balloon. The cyclone brings him to the Land of Oz where he is found by the witch Theodora. Theodora believes him to be a wizard prophesied to defeat the Wicked Witch who killed the king of Oz and take his place as ruler.

 This is how the Land of Oz look like :) So so so pretty!!!

I'm not going to tell you what happen in the movie but just showing you guys some of the characters :p

This is Oz, a magician. James Franco. The movie actually started with a very small width of screen and its all in black and white. The movie goes on like that for quite a long time. At first we thought that there is a problem with the screen LOL.  So don't be worry if you guys are going to watch and you only see black and white in the beginning haha.

He look quite smart! He act as a playboy inside the movie and flirt with every girl he met. I wonder why the girls inside the movie are easily attracted by him. All of them even kiss when the first met HAHAHA.

Smart huh? :x

Mila Kunis act as Theodora the Good Witch, who later comes to be known as the Wicked Witch of the West.

Still the same, her eyes is so pretty but...

She changed into this ugly witch after that! But I wont tell you why and how she become the witch HAHAHA :p Btw, this gif look so cool!!!

Rachel Weisz plays Evanora, sister of Theodora. Just by seeing the color and background of the picture  we can assumed that she is the bad one right? HAHAHA.  She kill the original king of Oz and frame his daughter Glinda for doing it. She even ask Oz to kill Glinda :(

And my fav lady in this movie!!!
Michelle Williams plays her role as Glinda, the Good Witch of the South. Her power is quite weak hahaha but she look so good! I mean for me la. She look so pure and really look like a very kind hearted princess or queen!

 Nah, see! Look like fairy or not? LOL I personally think that long hair suit her the most but she is in short hair now if I'm not mistaken. :(

Sweet or not!!!  LOVE!!

This thing look very disgusting! It's water fairy.

 Finley, a monkey with a pair of wings who pledges an irrevocable life debt to Oz.

Living china doll. I think she really look so scary, I have no idea why people will think she is cute! =_____=

See, so scary!!!!!!! Like those creepy doll that will try to kill people!

Alright that's it! I think there will be Oz 2 in the future lolll. Good night :p  

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