Ippudo Malaysia @ Pavilion KL.

6:41:00 PM

Ippudo Ramen is finally in Malaysia!!! There's alot of good comment for this branch from other bloggers! Bf is a super ramen lover so I ask him to bring me go and have a try :D

B's coordinate. ❤❤❤

Love the new lipsticks! ❤ Ohh, my fringe is getting longer and I really really want to keep it long this time. I'm serious! HAHAHA.

We reach around 1pm and there's already a long queue! :( The queue to wait for our turn is quite fast.

Impatient people queueing up's face LOL

Ramdom pretty flowers HAHA

 The restaurant is not really big, seats are limited but still its full of ramen lover lol.

Thinking what to eat lol. Actually I'm sick that day and the doctor advice me not to take any outside food but... how can we resist the delicious ramen!!!

 Their interior design is quite simple but looking good.

 Facebooking or Instagraming most probably lol.

Yours truly. :D

 Their green tea taste a lil bit like sugar cane hahaha.

They have 3 types of tonkotsu for us to choose, which is Shiromaru, Akamaru and Karaka. We ordered each per bowl! :)

Shiromaru Special - RM34. Shiromaru with flavoured egg, pork belly and seaweed.

Their ultra-thin noodles is different with Menya Musashi.

Bf bro said it's kinda like wan tan mee LOL. I don't really like Shiromaru because the taste is kinda too light for me, I mean the taste of the soup. Ippudo's Shiromaru's soup is more on original taste , nothing special but it doesn't taste bad, just others would be better lolll.

Akamaru Special - RM36. Akamaru with flavoured egg, pork belly and seaweed.

Highly recommend Aka to you guys. The soup is the best among these 3!

Karaka Special - RM36. Karaka- men with flavoured egg, pork belly and seaweed. Comparing with Aka, the soup is lil bit spicy but not for me.

Look at the crystal half boiled egg! The egg yolk is actually soft and when you eat it, it will actually melt in your mouth! "Melt in your mouth, not on your spoon"  Slurp Slurp!!!

Besides ramen, we also ordered some appetisers and a la carte foods.

Spicy Shrimp Mayo- RM15. Lightly battered and deep-fried succulent prawns with home-made spicy mayonnaise dip. I love this the most!!!! The prawn is so fresh and the sauce match so well with the prawn! I don't really like mayonnaise but this is really good!!! Want it now!!!

The pork bun -RM7.  Steamed bun with braised pork and IPPUDO’s original sauce. The waitress told us that in Sydney, they sell 500 pork buns each day!

But it taste just like normal burger =_______=

IPPUDO Pan-Fried Gyoza - IPPUDO’s original pan-fried Gyoza dumplings. Not a dumplings lover but the taste is like chinese "Xiao Long Pao", just that they make it into a Japanese version with lesser gravy inside. I'm sure everyone had tried it before, because Gyoza is mostly available in Japanese restaurant.

Spot where I was looking at? THE PRAWN! HAHAHAHAHA. But seriously the portion of the prawn is really too little. :(

Overall the food didn't disappoint me. I love their ultra-thin noodles but I prefer Menya Musashi Pork Chasu! And the price is slightly expensive but the portion still acceptable. It's worth to pay a visit :)

Thank you for reading HAHA.

Ippudo Malaysia
Lot C4.07.00,
Connection Level 4, Pavilion KL.

Tel: 03-2110 6233


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