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Finally, exam finished, and now im in sembreak :D So this week i'm so super free to blog, I want to blog about the old-story that I haven't blog. The first post of old-story is about my S'pore trip haha. I know it's really a super old story but I don't care, I want to blog about it! Actually I want to blog about it for long time ago but I got no time to edit those pictures, this trip have too much pictures and finally, I had arranged them all! This post will be a so-many-photo-post :p

Today's post is a continuation of THIS post. Bf's parents bring us to Universal Studio during that trip. It was my first time there so I'm freaking excited that day!

James Bond 007 Family :p


A picture before we enter to the theme park. *not only 'A' picture actually haha. I purposely wear this T-shirt to be more cartonish lollollol.

And here we go... :D  I don't know how much it the cost for one ticket because bf's parents bought us the ticket :p so many people that day as Malaysia is having holiday! Bf booked the ticker earlier so we managed to get the ticket or else we can't go in already.

Heard a lot of people said that this popcorn is so tasty so we also get one. Many people queuing for it too.

The popcorn with Baby Shrek container. :)

 I regret that I din buy the Woody Woodpecker's cup!! :(

I think this is the place for Transformers 3D. Too bad, It's still only in progress when we was there! Gonna go there again!

The entrance for Jurrasic Park, just like the movie.

Welcome to the Egypt side of Universal Studio

So happy and searching what to play hahaha.

If I'm not mistaken, roller coaster is our first stop! There's 2 type of roller coaster. One is called Human and another one is Cylon. We ride both of them!

My review on the RC is that the Human one is more excited and scarier than Cylon! On "Human", there's a few scary ride from up to down but the "Cylon" ride focus more on 360 degree turning.  The Human ride will make you feel like you're gonna fall down from the top because you got nothing to hold on! but the Cylon is just on turning and turning, and the turn was too fast so you can't really feel the "scary" thing in your stomach!

Noob! haha. I din screamed much on Cylon's ride *like a pro :p

Far far away~ ~ ~

We watched Shrek 4D in this pretty castle. I want to stay in this castle!!


Super hot that day! I can't even open my eyes. Regret that I wear long jeans to there but if I wear shorts, my leg gonna be like a bacon after that day. Dilemma!

Went inside the castle, still queueing! I sweat until my hair also wet already.

A short brief before 4D started. The 4D was so amazing! I remember got one scene is about the spiders falling down and we can feel the spiders is like crawling on our legs! So real! I shout like shit!!

Bought this super chok fruit juice! The bottle is so special and nice! Bf's brother hold it in Malaysia after coming back and there's a uncle asking him where did he get this bottle, his son wants it lolll.

Do we look alike? hahaha

Saw this guy suddenly! Puss in Boots! He touched my face leh, scared me and his fur is so rough haha! Bf said he must be a guy and he want to flirt me hahahah. He's is like a superstar protected by a lot of people lol

Took a picture with him :) He asked me to hold his hand! haha

Family photo♥ I block bf head already :(

This! Wasted my time! Boring show zzz! Do not enter Donkey Live show if you don't want to see a projected video except your kids want it.

 Tadaa! The penguins, so cute ar! So many people queuing to take photos with them! I got the same height with them leh haha

 Alex the Lionnnnn!

All the "Best" Oscars award lol!

 Pretty girls performance. They are so freaking pretty!! Jelly!!

 Those cake and bread looks so real and so tasty!!! Ignore my stupid hair pls -.-

 My part time job in Universal Studio hahaha

Welcome to NewYork City. A lot of nice view inside theme park! Can't stop snapping pictures!

 Rawrrrr!~ NewYork Public Library Lion, the view here is amazing seriously.


And then this show! We went there and queue half an hour earlier before the show started and we have to wait longer than what we expected. So full and pack! It is like everyone in Universal Studio came here and queue together! So hot and they keep on pushing people!!!! We just can queue outside the place, after the staff open the gate, everyone pushing and run into the show stage. It was crazy. They don't care about other people and just keep pushing! This show is only available for 2 or 3 times a day and the place is limited, we went for the last show of the day and there's a lot of people. If you go for the other ride or games during that time, definitely you dont have to queue!

 Finally, got a SEAT!

 That's what I mean PUSHING and RUNNING. I sweat like hell!!!

 You see! So full! Everyone in Universal Studio is here already!

PS: If you go there, do not try to go for the "first to forth" row of the seat because that's the WET area. The actor will splash you water and you will be coming out just like come out from Sunway Lagoon!

 The show was good but quite short. I queue for almost one hour but the show is only 10 minutes plus I think. After the show we ran out fast and go for other ride. Seriously there's so few people outside and we don't need to queue for any ride!

 Super power!

 The Night view is soooooo fantastic!

Went to the souvenir shop before heading back to KL. I bought 1 Betty Boop's T-shirt and 1 Universal Studio's T-shirt from there :D Bf's mom bought me actually :p Betty Boop's T-shirt is so lovely!

Last picture of the day! I just realize that bf and his bros wear the same shoelace haha.

This trip was so so so happy! Thanks Bf's papa and mama :D Feel like wanna go for a trip before internship but no $$$ and time zzz! :( Any places intro which is very nice and cheap for a trip?

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