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I always complain that I got so less hair and jealous of people with super volume hair! Seriously, my hair is so flat, too soft and too straight. I'm not showing off that my hair are straight but this is really a problem for me. My hair is too straight and soft, it don't have any style and hard to set up! Sometimes I feel that the  bottom part of my brown hair just look like needles haha!

 See! So flat zzz.

 I don't realize my hair that long already. gosh!

My favourite expression = No expression hahahahahaha :))

So boring so flat and so less right my hair? That's why I always use curler to curl it, to make it look more volume but the effect is not so obvious and it took me quite long time to curl it. I even use the volume up powder or something like that but it doesn't look good on me. *emo

Recently I found one thing and I love it! My new plaything!

Tadaa! My new plaything, The Triple Barrel Curling Iron!!

Super easy to use and it save a lot of time! The technique to use it is like using straightener iron but the effect is different.

The After Effect! This is how it looks like! Volume super Up Up Uppppp! I don't know what this wave call but I name it as Mermaid Curl :p This wave is also a recent trend I guess?

 Medusa! wtf hahahahha :p

 Favourite Photo of the day 

 Side View!

 Even tie up my hair still look super volume!

No need apply any wax or gel, the effect also can last for so long! It look more nice after loose down a little bit :)

I like the effect soooo sooo much! Finally I can have another hair style beside straight and curl hair lol.

I know another way to make this effect without using the curler. Tutorial? :)

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