♥ B.U.S.Y DaysSs.。

10:18:00 PM

f0r y0ur inf0rmation,yea.i passed my 19 bday!!  haha
with my dear fren =)
will update more about it after i get my dear present.haha
next week i will get it
c0z my dear din back hometown tis week.
he folowed me back ipoh and stay my house agen =]
will update it later als0.haha

hmm, about the busy daysSs is means tat im freaking busy about my ASIGNMENT!!!!
last week alm0st everyday oso cant sleeppppp~
c0z rushing f0r individual asignment= =
using ph0t0sh0p and illus.
is quite hard f0r me,c0z i dunhav any basic and nvr touch it b4.
sum0re tutorial class just teach hw to edit pimple,eyes bag and bla bla bla.lol
i spend al0t time on it
but im fall in love with them.haha

tis is mine =)
n0t as nice as other.
but im satisfied lol. haha
my dear's one is so nice.
gt MJ somemore.haha

tis week i will m0re m0re m0re  busy!!
thurs pass up AV assignment , mass c0m persentation, IT MID TERM!!!
all in the same day!! g0shhhh~~~~
i wan shout TOLONG loudly!!!

AV assignment im nt s0 worry,c0z my dear here.
but he is sick n0w.T^T h0pe he get well so0n.
if not i gonna d0 all.hahahahha

mass c0m i quite worry.
c0z the tutor is s0 crazy = =
sometime so straight and fierce!!!

IT mid term is what i worry the most!!!
6 chap, i havent start study pun = =
but i quite like tis sub,c0z lectural gv me strawberry!
haha.just kding la.
mayb is the lectural's teaching way is quite interest!
all 6 sub tis class is most nice,and i wont fell super sleepy de
although he is quite straight.haha
h0pe i can score it please

please let me settle it all perfectly !
bless me T^T

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