♥ Parents Day.。

12:39:00 AM

last sat early in the m0rning!! my dear called me.
i alm0st wana start shoot him,
he said: dear, mami say tmr wana g0 ipoh. then watch prince of persia. dady ask u g0 too.thn fetch u back kampar too.
iiiiii TERKEJUT mengila babi!! haha
i blur blur and run d0wn ask my mum,can i g0?
mami say sure l0r.
but i din ask dady,c0z he nt thr. xD
thn i cant slp back ad. i sh0uld n0t pr0mise him.
i super nervous la.ppl family day i j0in apa ==
dady c0me back.i tel him.
he said: wah! ppl dady c0me fetch u tim ar!!|
s0 pai sek la =^^=

yesterday dear called me and wake me up at 9.00am+
cry,is super early!!!!!!
i slp awhile.wakeup and d0 all my stuff.
bath, find cl0th, bla bla bla.
i choose cl0th oso 30 min ad.haha.
1st time mah.must gt good impression.tak b0leh cincai!!
whn im started t0 draw my eye liner.
the stupid dear called me and say arrive my house ad.
wat the ar.
laptop havent off, cl0th havent keep, ney ney belum put in bag, HAVENT FINISH MY MAKE UP.T^T

aunty lily came up call me, my br0 too ==
he said: 家姐 下來 哥哥來了 ==
i super nervous. i ask dear cal his family c0me int0 my h0use 1st.
thn i cincai and super fast finished all thg.
i g0 down.pai sek !!!!!!
wan ppl wait f0r me! sad!
tat stupid dear la! say wont s0 fast,ask me sl0w sl0w!!
cheat me!!!
his whole family came! his bro tak ada onli.
his dady mami,bro,aunty and cousin.
nervous ><
last time i saw thm is without makeup and cincai wear a tshirt and short pant jek
tis time makeup,skinny,heel.dun0 gt terkejut ornt ==
b4 the day i ask my dear can i makeup.will his family tak like.
but he say ok wa.her mum gt mascare pun.LOL

thn we g0 parade.
we separate in few group and shop.haha
dear's dady mami aunty g0 shop, cousin g0 starbuck, me dear and his bro g0 buy naruto.haha
dear cousin help me take k my laptop =)
we sh0p awhile.thn sit food court thr drink drink.
thn we g0 jusc0.
i wear high heel ytd.my leg super pain.
dear dady gv me plaster,pai sek agen!!!!

thn we g0 makan kenny roger.
wah wah wah.super full.
dear jeles his mami gv me drumstick and al0t rice.LOL.
thn g0 watch m0vie.
NOt s0 nice jek l0r!! cheh!!
i alm0st fal aslep.
finished movie i run g0 toilet.
WTF! fulled wo!
nvm.i wait l0r.wah.the ppl dun0 come out 1 wo,
angry like shit.!!!
i g0 out and tel dear. i g0 another toilet.
i walk super fast tat time.i onli feel angry and tak pain at all lo my leg!
after tat,sh0p agen thr l0r.
g0 see diam0nd earing agen.
yea! last 3 week buy her the new earing, 1 side hilang agen ==
but nt nice 1,tak buy.
g0 padini try baju baju,
yer...tak nice pun.

thn we went t0 restaturant oversea t0 have our dinner.
the t0ilet is super far.haha.
super tired after g0 toilet.
super banyak lauk arrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!
full sei me.
but i eat al0t.
c0z dear mami keep gv me makanan.
i cant reject rite?
thy s0 frendly =)

after makan we balik kampar lur.
my toe all purple color ad.
pain like HELL!!!
but look nice ><

tak ada take pic at all.
c0z..pai sek >< haha

aiyaaaaaaa.wh0le day s0 pai sek ar!!
dun0 g0t - marks ornt.LOL

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  1. hahha ~ dear dai kor lui lor ~ meet parent in law ad ~ hahaha~
    wasai ~ all nail purple pun hapi juga ? gila ?

  2. parent in law wa ><
    i owiz dai k0r lui de ar >< haha
    nt hapi la.but wan prety mah T^T