I'm here to announce that ...

8:17:00 PM

I've finally launch my very first online blogshop! HAHAHA!

I guess every girl who loves shopping share the same little dream like me which is to own a shop that's selling everything that they love! Yeap, me too. I hope to share things that I love with you guys and been really thinking about it for so so long! There were many things to consider before deciding to open a blogshop. Obviously for now, I can't afford a physical shop yet,  who knows maybe in the future?

So here it is, introducing my very first online blogshop, VOL.1!

For products, I will be focusing more on clothing in the future and most of them will be ready stock. The reason I don't want to do a shop which is based on preorder is because I know the feeling of waiting! I don't want you guys to wait for too long so ready stock is the best, so that you can receive the item in 3-5 days! :D

For my shop's opening special, I'm currently selling some cosmetic and skin care product like ...

Tadaa!! Sailor Moon Shining Moon Powder Premium (Face Powder)

Sailor Moon Make Up Powder

Sailor Moon Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner! TOO CUTE TO DIE FOR

Kose Sekkisui White Washing Cream

Rilakkuma X A'PIEU Air-Fit Cushion Blusher

Club Cosme Yuagari Suppin Powder

and many more!! 

Everything you see is original and ready stock! Purchases above RM150 will entitled for FREE SHIPPING! ♡ You can head over to VOL.1 Facebook Page to view all of the products hehe! CLICK HERE

If you need anything, kindly PM us! There will be some giveaway soon too! Like the page so you won't miss it out! *wink

The first clothing collection will be on next month I guess? ;)  So, do stay tuned! I have no idea how many collection there will be or how long the shop can survive HAHAHA because what if I don't have any business and you know, it's so competitive out there!! :(

But anyway, I will try my best! It's very fun and excited to do things that you like! It's fine if it didn't work out good in the end, at least I try it right hehe. HAHA *comforting myself at its best

Ofcourse, I hope you guys can show me some support by liking the page HAHAHA! Damn thick face! But I really appreciate if you can do so! Thank you so much loves!

See you guys there!

Facebook Page Name: VOL.1
Facebook Page Link: https://www.facebook.com/theVOL1
Email: enquiryvol1@gmail.com


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