Terminal 21 & Train Market | Bangkok

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Took this when I was in Tokyo! Nah! Just kidding. It was at Terminal 21 Shopping Mall in Bangkok HAHAHA.

This mall is really cute! The concept of the mall is that, every floor is decorated with different countries theme like London, Tokyo, Rome and etc.

This is the departure gate to all of the countries.  It's really creative to have thought about such idea.  

During my journey to Bangkok, I even get the chance to visit London Bridge :P


I'm afraid of heights and their escalator were really high and long, some are like 2 floors high. I was shaking like mad and can barely stand on them fml!

Each floor also have a different theme of washroom which is damn cool. I visited all of them HAHA! Anyway, this was the Tokyo's bathroom!

I love the concept of the mall but I didn't shop much thou

Heard that they have a very yummy ice cream steamboat at the food court but we were too full and didn't get to try them :(

How to go to Terminal 21
1) BTS Station: Asok - Exit 1 
2) MRT Station: Sukhumvit - Exit 3 
3) Public Buses: 2, 25, 38, 40, 136, 185, 501, 508, 511, 513


We also visited the famous train market on the same day! Srinakarin Train Market!

It was located just behind Seacon Square Shopping Mall.

It's one of the coolest and biggest night market that I've ever went in Bangkok! It's the second largest market after Chatuchak Weekend Market! Everyone knows that I LOVE SHOPPING and I'm a weirdo that I couldn't skip any line or floor when it comes to shopping but this market is too huge that I have to give up half way wtf. Bf was shocked coz he never thought I would give up half way. LOL

One of the reason is because we walked too much during the day and my foot was pain af! Should have save more energy for this train market T__________T

I'm sure you can look for things that you like here cuz they got like varieties of stalls here. Even though some stuff are repetitive loll.

Plenty of food stalls here thou!

Damn cute la their earring but I got sensitive ears :( 

Look at my face. Very sad because I can't finished the whole market! Like feeling damn disappointed with myself HAHAHA!

How to go to Srinakarin Train Market
Location: Srinakarin Road Soi 51 (behind Seacon Square)

 BTS Station: On Nut. Grab a taxi at On Nut Station to Seacon Square. 

Opening Hours: Indoor Market : Tuesday - Sunday | 3pm - 11pm
Outdoor Market : Friday - Sunday | 4pm - 12am


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  1. Hi baoer, i think you have to amend your blog about the location of train market, actually there are 2 different location train market, which one is train market Srinakrin near Seacon Square, and one is train market Ratchada, behind Esplanade Mall.

    1. Ahhh! My mistake! :( Thank you for the info! ❤❤❤