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Hello, I'm back from CNY break :P Gonna continue with my BKK post. I know I know, it's like I take forever and also couldn't finish blogging about my BKK trip but show me some love and just be patient okay? One day and one day I will finish my BKK post HAHAHA

As usual, start from my shameless selfie HAHAHA damn thick face but I really miss the old days. I gained too much weight :(

Greyhound Cafe was first established in Thailand as in fashion line and then expanding to F&B business too! There are a few branches of Greyhound cafe and the one I visited was in Siam Center.

Not sure if the interior of Greyhound cafe still looks the same as my picture above or not HAHA but I would say their interior is pretty 'fashion'!  It is towards the modern kinda style. 

Pink Cooler which is actually a cocktail that's made with Watermelon, Pineapple and also Orange! At first I was like "Wow, my drink is in gradient color!" and Bf was like "Hello, it's just the color of the glass." fml

I don't know how and why but their fried chicken wings tasted sooo good! It was marinated in fish sauce before deep frying. Most of the chicken wings that I tried in Thailand was really really delicious, really different from ours. WHY!

Salmon Sashimi in spicy hot sauce. The sauce may looks unappetising but trust me, it was damn good!

Oh, this was highly recommended by my bf and it was really popular too. Introducing you, the Complicated Noodles! Sounds complicated but not really wtf. It comes with fresh lettuce leaves, minced pork sauce, green chilli sauce and noodle sheets.

How to eat? Wrap them up and chow down! All of the ingredients blend in very well! You can really taste the meat that blends well with the noodle and not to mention the aroma of the sauce. It really brings out Thailand's cultural food and at the same time, we can enjoy a new type of fusion cuisine.

Thai Kurobuta Pork with Spicy Thai Hot Sauce & Sticky Rice!

Look how tender they are! Dip them with some thai hot sauce, that's the way to heaven! 

Life is short, more dessert anyone? :P

Greyhound cafe was one of the fav cafe to me and bf and guess what? Lately, they just brought Greyhound Cafe into Malaysia but I haven't get to try it yet. Will go and pay a visit real soon cuz bf can't wait to order his complicated noodles HAHA.

Greyhound Café @ 3rd Floor Siam Center
Tel: 0-2658-1129
Nearest Station: Siam Station
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 11:00 am -10:00 pm


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