Birthday dinner at Hemisphere Restaurant & Bar

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Hi! 29/6 was my birthday, again HAHA. If I think about my birthday last year, it was just like a blink of an eye! Can't deny that I'm such an old lady now HAHAHA. 人老心不老啦! Birthday wasn't something big for me and I knew what bf was going to give me on my birthday and it wasn't the right time anyway (not our marriage thou) so I ask him to give me a great dinner, only both of us! Instead of getting me any gifts, One does not need to be materialistic. What I want was to spend more quality time with him and I think I still can claim my gift anytime? HAHA :P

It's like the first time he plan and decide where we should go for my birthday dinner because it was always me who do all the planning HAHA. I got a long list of restaurant that I wanted to go always :P But I gave him approval this time, bring me to anywhere that he wanted to. He kept it as a secret and didn't even want to tell me on the actual day lolololll.

Anyway, he booked a table at Hemisphere Restaurant & Bar. To be honest, I've never heard about this restaurant before so I can say he successfully surprise me! It's a sky dining restaurant on the 37th floor of Regalia Residence.

You can choose to be seated indoor or outdoor. Indoor atmosphere is more romantic but bf booked our table outdoor as he wanted us to enjoy the beautiful night of KL while having our dinner.

Luckily outdoor was quite windy and no mosquito :P

Birthday girl yo!

Bf took quite a few good photos of me on that day which is a good birthday gift for me HAHAHA.

 Look at the breathtaking scenery of KL!

Time for food! I only get to choose what to drink on that day because bf said he will order the food for me as he had done some research and he knows what food that I like to eat lollll. For drinks, I go for my all time favourite Passion Fruit juice (RM15) and it was good but I hate the seeds which is the black thing at the bottom of the glass. Bf go for Homemade Iced Lemon Tea (RM10) but the lemon tea comes with some mint in it. Both of us hate the taste/smell of mint grass HAHA.

Starter - Grilled Cajun Prawn (RM45.90). It's a grilled tiger prawn with mango salsa, mashed avocado, sour cream & balsamic reduction. The tiger prawn was so fresh! Nom Nom!

My main course - Black Cod (RM61.90). Look at the thickness of that black cod! Super generous. It's served with lemon butter capers sauce and I think it tasted quite light, like a very healthy kinda of meal lolll.

While bf go for Squid Ink Pasta With Mussels In Garlic Broth (RM37.90). The pasta was tasted a bit sour, not sure it's because of the white wine or they did add in some lemon juice but the mussels was good!

Trying to use flash light there cuz it was quite dark hehe.

Look at the plate, I finished everything myself and also grab some mussels from bf's dish :P

Favourite photo of the day! Just ignore that messy plate will do lololollll

Bf did ordered a chocolate lava cake for me as one of the surprise but the restaurant totally forget about it and I realize it when bf tried reminding them :P  Bf know I hate 'big' celebration so he told them no music no singing no nothing, just cake HAHAHA. So understanding!


I had an awesome birthday night and Thank you baby for everything!

We had a romantic and happy date that day! It's rare to see us having romantic dinner like this lolll. I truly appreciate everything that he've planned for me, so much love! Both of us think overall of the restaurant was excellent (besides the shaky elevator lolll). Food was not bad, price was reasonable, services was good and atmosphere was great! Would revisit it again! :D

Hemisphere Restaurant & Bar
Address: Regalia Residence
Level 37th floor, Madison Block,
No. 2, Jalan Anjung Putra,
Off Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Contact: +603-27421098 / +603-27421097 / +012- 9060508 (11am onwards daily)
Business Hours: Mon to Thurs - 11am to 1am
Fri, Sat, Sun & Eve of Public Holiday - 11am to 2am
(Restaurant last call 11.30 pm)
Dress code: Smart and Casual Attire

Ending this post with birthday girl's OOTD :P

Oh July is bf's birthday month! Does anyone have good restaurant to recommend? hehe


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  1. Can try to take a look on Cantaloupe Restaurant @ The Troika. Or Lee Midi Restaurant @ Bangsar , Food is not bad.