May Picks 2015

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Welcome back to my Monthly Picks lolll. Did anyone realise I actually skip monthly picks for last month? Didn't really have much thing to share with you guys so I think it will be better if I combine them all together and form May Monthly Picks! *wink

Bf went for a business trip last month and I asked him to get me some skin care products at the Airport Duty Free Shop. Buy things from the tax free shop can save quite a lot you know :P 

I'm using Liquid Facial Soap from Clinique and this is my second bottle. I love how the cleanser brings the feeling of refreshing and smooth towards my skin. My mum also use the same one currently which belongs to me. She fell in love once she try it so I gave it to her and got myself a new one lolll. FYI, I have combination skin, hence, I go for the Oily Skin Formula. It's actually suitable for Combination Oily and even Oily skin. Another plus point is one bottle of this facial soap (200ml) can last very long for me, totally worth the money!

This is my fav product among all from Clinique. It's one of the best moisturiser I've ever had. It's really moisturise and you won't feel sticky or oily after applying it. Tried on other brand before but I still come back for Clinique again.

I got this Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX few months ago but only started using it last month. I'm typically a lazy people who want to be pretty but lazy to put on so many steps of skin care so overnight sleeping mask is definitely a must for me. Things that I love about this sleeping mask is that the smell of it is so good! I think I had better sleep at night when I apply them!

Got this Clear Smooth B.B Stick from Maybelline at Watson cuz they had promotion when I bought it. I use it if I wanted to go for a quick outing as it's very easy to apply and the price is affordable too! However I think it's not very long lasting. :( Since it's a bb stick so it's not as moisturise/ smooth as bb cream or foundation. Probably it won't suit people who have dry skin :(

It's so easy to blend and it blend in quite well with my skin too. FYI, They only have 2 shades and I go for 01 Fresh.

I got serious dark eyes circle problem, hence concealer is always a must for me. I got a few brands of concealer in my mind and I decided to go for the Waterful Concealer from 3CE cuz I've been using some of their product and I think they were not too bad so I would like to give a try on their concealer too. Coverage of this concealer was not bad but also not too impressive lol. Like what it claimed, it's quite mosturize and the texture won't be too thick and but I was abit disappointed when I first received it cuz the size of it was so much smaller than what I expected and it wasn't really cheap thou. :/

Done with skin care and cosmetic. Now comes to hair care. I guess everyone know that I just dyed my hair purple for the past 2 months. Besides using color protecting shampoo, color guard cream is also another key to keep coloured hair last longer and shine. I'm using this Vitamino Color Guard System from Loreal and so far I'm loving it! It's a kinda like a leave-in conditioner. I apply it after I comb and dry my hair halfway. It does helps to make my hair color looks more vibrant and soft! Another thing I like about this is that bf said my hair smell so good, like how your hair smell like after you went to a salon for treatment or hair wash :P

Fuuu~ This post is slightly longer than others cuz I combine 2 monthly picks together but we are almost there! So bear with me okay? HAHAHA!

Not sure if I'm the first one who include a tooth brush in their monthly favourites or not? lollll. But I really really wanted to share this tooth brush with you guys. Bf wanted to change his tooth brush so I think getting a twin pack would be a wiser choice. While we browse through the market on which tooth brush we should get, I saw this Colgate Ultra Soft Bristles 360 Degree Charcoal Toothbrush and I think they look super cool cuz they are in Black. Okay okay I know you will be like 'what? Judge a toothbrush by its' color?' HAHAHA. Definitely not! I did look into the description, like what they had improve on the packaging :P Anyway, I just wanna tell you that I love this toothbrush! I can really feel my teeth glowing after using it. After I brush them, I used my finger to touch my teeth and guess what, they sound like "eee eee eee"! You know the sound when you touch on something that is super clean, like your dishes or window. Yea, that kind of sound!

I went back to my hometown last 2 days. I used my old toothbrush at my home and it hurts my gums abit. I guess it's because I'm used to the Colgate Charcoal Toothbrush and they are really soft yet do a really good job in cleaning my teeth so I actually got a new one at my hometown and this time I go for the gold one! Super cool I tell you HAHAHA! Why do I sound like a aunty?!

Enough of being like an old woman, let's talk about some other items that I love in these 2 months, just like this wedge heels. I got them from Charles & Keith and they were not really cheap to me but I think it's totally worth the money! It's so comfortable and easy to match with any outfit. You will probably see me wearing them for months on my OOTD :P

Anyone heard of BKK Original? It's a local brand from bangkok and they are selling tons of bag like this but in different design and they are cheap! Like 290 THB or 390 THB for one! I got a few of them on my previous trip and I use this bag almost everyday now lolll. It wasn't really a spacious bag but it was enough to carry my daily essential! Small, Simple yet Useful lolll.

One of thing that I must share with you guys is that I got featured in Street Snaps by ViVi Malaysia (May'15 issue) but it will be the last printed issue of ViVi Malaysia Magazine. :( Anyway, thanks ViVi Malaysia for featuring me! And go and get one copy if you haven't :P

Knock knock! Anyone still with me? HAHA. Finally come to the end of this post. Such a wordy post huh? Thanks for reading if you're still here :P


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