Caffè Bene @ Solaris Mont Kiara.

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Annyeong!!! Finally I can load into blogger and start blogging again! As usual, hit my internet quote for the previous month and got refreshed today!! Yayyy! Not only I can blog but also I can watch my fav show/ drama online hehehe!

Caffe bene is super hot recently! They serve coffee, waffles,  Italian gelato and also bingsu but I guess most of the people are there for their bingsu LOL. FYI, bingsu is a very popular dessert in korea. Basically its shaved ice with topping and its usually fruits.

There are now 2 branches in Malaysia. One at Sunway Pyramid and another one at Solaris Mont Kiara. I visited the one at Mont Kiara! :D Long queue at both branches thou! Oh ya, while I do some research on their company, I found out that they will be opening an outlet in Penang!

ice cream ice cream!

Cozy environment! It was quite crowded on that day! But I guess we are the last customer as I went there around 11pm! It was packed when we first reached there!!

Seriously, I can't live without phone. I must be checking in or browsing thru my instagram while waiting for my bingsu LOL. You have to wait for at least 15-30 minutes to let them prepare for you the bingsu which I think is quite long -.- But I guess we only waited for 5 minutes that day!! It depends on the crowd I think!

It's here!!! :D Not sure if you guys realise we actually changed our seat :P because the seat that we took previously have bad lighting on photo. LOL

We ordered 2 bingsu in one shot! Strawberry and Green Tea Tower Bingsu!

I guess you guys know I'm a strawberry freak but this bingsu didn't win my heart! Their strawberry is actually not that fresh. It's a dry strawberry topping I guess? And then the ice cream is a yogurt ice cream. Again, I dislike yogurt lolololll! It is still acceptable but not my cup of tea and I won't go for it anymore! But bf said it actually tasted good! In taste, it is really quite a personal thing you know HAHAHA.

Green Tea Tower Bingsu! And I LOVE IT!

Surprisingly Green Tea one tasted soooo good for me! It also comes with red bean topping, as you know, green tea and red bean always match, super match!! And I love red bean la. Besides, those nuts is sooooo nice! Crunchy and fresh! Unlike some shop where they serve low quality of nuts! Crunch nuts actually bring the bingsu up to another level!

It's me with bingsu.

And still me with bingsu HAHAHA :P


Okay la, last one already lollll.

Overall I think its not bad but not that impressive and hype as what people mention. For me, I think the taste is a not-bad shaved ice to me, nothing special but I won't refuse for a next visit :)  Few of my friends been complaining that their bingsu is way to sweet for them but I think its ok! Maybe I love sweet thing? Btw, Bingsu did come with 2 size which is small and large. Ours are small one!  The big one is really huge! It's suitable for sharing with a bunch of friends! S for RM10.80 / L for RM18.80

And I can't deny that Bingsu is so photogenic! Look super lovely in selfie HAHAHA :P

Caffe Bene
Lot OB 5.G.2, Oasis Boulevard,
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
46150 Bandar Sunway,
Business Hours: 10am - 10pm daily

K-G-04, Solaris Mont Kiara
9.30am - 11.00am daily

Contact: +603-6143 5333 / +603-6143 6333

Instagram: @caffebenemy

End this post with my OOTD hehehe!



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