The Avengers.

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Damn! I din update my blog for almost 2 weeks already! Having exam now. Super stressful, totally no time to update my blog! Will update more after the exam. Next paper on this Thursday so I have time to take a break. Today I went to watch "The Avengers" with bf and friends. *finally have time to watch movie :(

The Avengers is really a nice movie! Super worth to watch it! Funny yet Excited. Highly recommended! I will not talk about the storyline, in case you guys haven't watch it, but then some *SPOILERS* image below :p  This movie have a lot of handsome guy and only one pretty girl so I will only talk about the character that I like in this post lol lol lol.

This is how they look like when they haven't put on their suit . The Hulk, Thor, Hawkeye, Captain America, Nick Fury, Black Widow and Iron Man.

This is the machine that helps IronMan to take apart his suit. Super cool!

Chris Evans as Captain America. He is sooooo handsome lehhh!

But then, after he put on his suit, he look so gay and old fashion. :(  still, he have to keep up with the Captain America look.
This is the one that I mention just now, the only pretty girl in The Avengers haha. Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff.

She is super hot! Big Boobsss too! lol

Oh! I have to say that The Hulk is so cute and funny in The Avengers! Before he transform into Hulk he is a super smart guy. After he transform into Hulk he is super cute! I think im quite alike with The Hulk. Easy to get angry! But I don't turn to green when i'm angry hahaha :p

Not to forget about the bad guy in this movie! Loki, brother of Thor. He is evil and cunning. Thor is same old God from Asgard, but still he is awesome and have great power and HEAVY hammer.

He really look so bad -.- *I don't like him but just want to show you guys who is the bad guy!

This is how the alien look like.
Ok that's all! Go and watch it yourself :p

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