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3:19:00 PM

i sh0uld update this p0st N m0nths ag0

but im really freaking busy.
n0t an excuse but FACT.

0kay. N m0nths ag0, i went Purple Cane with my b0y,sister and friend.
we went there f0r.. high tea? LOL
FYI, Purple Cane is a tea house including some mouth watering side dishes.
and the environment is quite fresh and nice.
i f0rget t0 take the pic for interior design. ><
FYI, there is additional 2 VIP rooms with minimum spending of rm150.
about that,i f0rget t0 take pic too ><

     it seems that i talk alot, let the picture do the talking now

the menu

"Good Old Days"- rm5.80
there is salt around the the tip of the glass
taste sour and salty

Ice Puer Honey - rm5.80
the green tea is refreshing but if u drink it continuously,
the taste would not be special anymore..
so u muz enjoy it every 10 min. LOL

Zi Zhu Lan - rm6.80 per person
The tea of coz smell nice itself, and the taste is abit diff from other chinese tea
the texture is more smooth and it stick to ur taste buds when u drink it,
maintaining the taste on every sip.

the black one
Ice Green Tea Latte - rm7.80
err..i forget the taste since i only suck it once..LOL

this one?? i d0nt really remember the name
but imma freaking love this!
Jasmine Pudding 
<3 t0 max!!

Caramel Pudding - rm3.80
The pudding is poured with melted ‘gula melaka" and the texture of the pudding is smooth
and smell nice. This reminds me of McD hotcake, LOL, this is the chinese "coldcake"

Rose Egg Custard - rm3.80
The custard itself, yea, sweet and soothing. The custard is kinda like Sushi King - Steam Egg, but this one

they were enjoying it so much! look at the face of my boy, like a guy who can eat a whole horse. haha

camera man's skill really bad! everyone havent prepare yet 0kay?
improve urself please ><

i like this pic.
c0z cant see my face *evil laugh*

this is the manager 0f purple cane.
she is s0 friendly. =)

actually that day i went there is just f0r Sweet Potato Ball served with green tea dipping sauce.
but that time already sold out! *wateryeyes*
but FYI, after 2 days i went there again
and i get it! 
really nice!!
and u n0e, all the size is the same. how cute
i do try Spicy Tea Egg in black tea too.
i cant really taste the spicyness of it
only a few part taste spicy .

Purple Cane is located at the old Foh San dim sum .
No 2, Jalan Dato Tahwil Azar
30300 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
Tel: 05-253 3090
Business Hours: 9am to 10pm daily

do share with me if u went there before too =)

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