3:52:00 PM

my eyes was INFECTED again. G0SHHH~

super red and super PAIN!!
keep tearing. cant open eyes somemore.

i went back ipoh and see doctor.
d0ctor scared me lo.
he said: infected will make u blind.
y0r.scare ><
he asked me what time i take off my lens yesterday.
i nt dare tel him.
c0z i wear it at 6.30 morning and take off at 3am midnite.
cool rite?haha
he diam diam and then help me check my eyes.

sudenly he said: hmm,a good news. ur eyes nt so serious.
but ur eyes super unhealthy.
alot of scars.
coz it get hurt mani times and infected mani times

and he showed me my eyes ' pic album' = =
super macro! i forget ask him to give me some pic to show u guys! haha

4days ad, still very pain!!
can i take 1 week MC? ahhahahah xD

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