Honest Review On My Recent Beauty Buy!

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 I totally can't remember when was the last beauty review that I did! Time passes so fast! Few hours left and 2018 will be here soon! What's best about year end? SALES! Lots & lots of online store are having sales at the end of year, including Sephora! Lucky me, managed to get myself some beauty items at the Sephora Halloween Frenzy Sales and I thought it would be nice to share my honest opinion on those items with you guys! ❤️

 I got myself a foundation since there was sale and the price is so much cheaper 😂  The bottle of this foundation is damn pretty! TBH, it wasn't my first choice. I wanted to get another foundation instead, but it was sold out fml. 

I found this foundation surprisingly light on skin. Coverage wise was not impressed but it did gives me a bright and glow skin which is what it's named as. If you love dewy skin, this is the one! But if you have oily skin and you prefer matte finishing + high coverage, I wouldn't recommend this.

 Bye Bye Under Eye Anti-Aging Concealer by It Cosmetics (Shade: Light) RRP: RM102
My journey to find the best concealer is still on going HAHA! This concealer is one of the star products by It Cosmetics! It was highly recommended by a lot of YouTuber and I finally give it a try! The texture of this concealer ia quite creamy and the coverage was good but still not able to cover (fully) my dark eye rings lolll. 

I'm not good in applying eyeshadow but every time there's discount for pretty shadow palette like this, I will just go for it loll. There are 12 eyeshadow shades in the palette and they are paraben-free. These shades are just prefect for everyday make up! I tried them once and the eyeshadow are really pigmented and long wear! It explains how this palette gets so much good review on the internet! Btw, their new palette, Toasted Eyeshadow Palette is damn hot too 😭

They're Real! Mascara by Benefit Cosmetics RRP: RM125
What I like about this mascara is that it won't gives you the cockroach legs (clumps) and it did lengthen my lashes! But I think it didn't work best on volumizing the lashes, at least for me.

 Contour is really important for person who have big round face like me HAHA! I always like the idea of having fews shades in one palette, just like this one. This palette comes with highlighter, blush and also bronzer (both matte and luster finishes)! They are pigmented and long lasting but I think one of the contour shade is too dark for me. Maybe I can use it as eyeshadow hehe. Others worked pretty good! 


Becca's highlighter is by far the best highlighter I ever used!!! I owe 3 of them now (in different shades)! 

The price of their highlighter aren't cheap but I swear, it's totally worth it! Their highlighter are shimmery enough, not patchy and long lasting! It's like adding a spotlight on your make up! But I'm not really happy this time because when I got the highlighter, it was already broken. I didn't want to return it because it will be too troublesome. Also, I bought the wrong shade HAHAHA. I wanted to get Moonstone but I bought Champagne Pop instead 😂 Never mind, it's still a pretty shade hehe! 

 I used all the product above on my face on the other day. Everything is good but probably you can't see much in this photo HAHAHA!

The total RRP of the product above is RM1,027 and I only have to pay RM411 because of the sales promotion! So damn worth right 😭 I'm so proud of myself that I manage to get them as the website was jammed and alot of good product was sold out fast on that day! Anyway, Sephora is having Festive Sale again! *not sponsor to say this!* but today is their last day already. 😅 Discount up to 50% on selected products girls! Use code: MYPARTY. Hope it's not too late to share with you guys!


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