Cafe Ame Soeur @ Bukit Jalil

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*I actually typed this last year but because of my previous Korea Trip, I totally got no time to go through and double check on this post. Therefore, here's my very first post in 2017 that's suppose to be published last year HAHAHA! 

It has become harder for me to meet with my gf after I've moved to KL, especially Jessy. But God hear us! She was back in KL last month and we finally have some free time to meet up. You know what? People say it's very hard to date me out but I guess it's because they haven't dated her before as she always have time for other but not for us, the unimportant girlfriend HAHAHA! *She gonna deny it when she reads this!😂  That's why I'm glad and feel very proud to be able to date her out when she's around 😜

She wanted to go to Ame Soeur Cafe in Bukit Jalil because of the cafe's photo she saw on Facebook and it is very pretty! Ame Souer Cafe is also on my list of cafe hunt so I was like Yesshhh Let's go! 

I made a very smart move which is to call and make a reservation before going there as the cafe was quite small and do not have much table. The distance between each table was a little bit too near. Try not gossip around there coz the next table might hear what you're discussing HAHA!

For the interior of the cafe, no doubt! It's really beautiful! It looks super atas with gold french kinda interior decoration. 😍

Look at the tea set! Don't they look super adorable? Anyway, I ordered Four Season Tea for myself and I go for the Spring one. It was okay but didn't make me woooah though.

Gf's Rose Latte!

Die die also have to take photo with such a beautiful background and the beautiful tea set HAHA. #girlsbeinggirls

I think she looks so pretty and elegant in this photo but she don't seems to like it. She will probably ask me to remove it when she saw it. You are lucky enough to see this photo now HAHAHAHAHA!!

Soup of the day - Mushroom Soup.

I love mushroom and also risotto. Hence, I was so excited when I saw "Mushroom Sausage Risotto" on the menu but it didn't met my expectation, instead it was quite disappointing. It was so so so salty and it tasted quite weird Idk why? Jessy think the same thou!

Fruity French Toast ordered by Jessy which is obviously better than my risotto but still, the taste was just ok and nothing special can be mentioned for this dish *nooffend

Jessy was really thin but she is a big eater. After finish eating her soup and the french toast she's still wanted to go for dessert wtf. It's so not fair! How can a big eater be so thin like her! I gained weight by just breathing for living fml.

So she ordered a Creme Brulee to end her first meal of the day. TBH, the creme brulee doesn't taste good too. I don't know is it over burnt or what coz it tasted bitter. 😩

Frankly speaking, the cafe is really beautiful and great for photo but it was too pack that you can hardly take any good photo without anyone photo bombing you. Their services was okay, not as bad as what I read online but still, not a very good one. Food was edible but don't expect anything more lolll. 

Cafe Ame Soeur 
Address: 20, Jalil Link Block 2, 
Jalan Jalil Jaya 2, Bukit Jalil, 
57000 Kuala Lumpur. 
Tel: 03 - 8999 0738
Business Hours: 11am - 9pm


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