Fifth Palate @ Kota Damansara

8:07:00 PM

Suppose to update last week but it was the 11.11 sales. I actually spent a few days surveying on what I should get as everything look so good with lotsa discount. What's even worst is that Black Friday Sales is coming soon and it's tomorrow fml

But this is not a shopping-related kinda post but a food post. Food for life! HAHA 😝

When I first looking at the menu, I was like: WHAT? French Toast with bacon, caramelised banana, vanilla ice cream, Guinness Stout reduction and even with chunky peanut butter? Wouldn't it taste weird?! Guess what? My curiosity made me to order this 'Drunken Frenchman'.

I'm glad that I've made my mind to order this because it tasted so so good! The combination is da boom! Their own made chunky peanut butter was so delicious. With my fav bacon, banana and vanilla ice cream. There goes my diet. HAHAHA! 😝

Bf go for their Butcher's Breakfast and the taste was pretty decent. Both of us agree that 'Drunken Frenchman' tasted so much better! 😋

Lemongrass Lime Soda and Pomegranate Berries Soda.

We went there at around 3 something and it was quite empty as they closed at 5pm HAHA. Our brunch time is so different with others 😂

The interior design is quite simple yet very clean and comfortable! 

Oh btw, it was Fifth Palace cafe! I personally think it's worth to pay a visit and if you are going, do order the 'Drunken Frenchman' okay!👌

Fifth Palate 
Address: Block D-G-1, 
Encorp Strand Garden Office, 
Jalan PJU5/1, 47810 Petaling Jaya. 
Phone: 03 6144 0055 
Opening Hours: 830am – 5pm Daily. Closed Wednesdays.


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